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Baby Health Articles

Though an adult is sometimes also referred to as a ‘baby’, but that is mildly sexual in nature, and so let us keep that side of it beyond the scope of this article. Let us instead concentrate on the ‘young one’s’, the minors of our society and call them as babies. Babies are referred to by many names such an ‘infant’, ‘new born’ or a ‘toddler’.

Human babies are born when the female becomes pregnant after the male sperm has successfully fertilized the female egg. Then after slightly more than 9 months, the baby is delivered either normally or through a surgery. Babies when they are born usually come out crying from the womb and are connected with the umbilical cord to the mother. The head is bigger than the body in proportion – the legs and the arms are also short in proportion. The average weight varies, but usually it is between 3 kgs to 3.5 kgs. But many babies are born prematured (before the 38 weeks of pregnancy are up) and also weigh below 3 kgs. In many cases, if this is the first pregnancy for the mother, then the baby may be born prematured.

Some babies have body hair (and sometimes the hair is extensive). This hair is referred to as lanugo. Baby hair is seen on the scalp, shoulders, the back and also on the face and the ears.

Newborn babies need special attention. And if it is a prematured baby, then the attention given has to be even more. Though the newborn baby is going to sleep anything between 16 to 18 hours a day, but even then it calls for special care. There are issues that need to be answered such as where the baby is going to sleep, what he is going to eat, what he will wear and so on. Then of course there is the issue of naming the baby and organizing a baby shower.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, breastfeeding is best for babies. So even with the huge number of baby foods that are available in the market today, mothers should never refrain from breastfeeding their babies, at least not till they have started to walk and talk.

Naming babies is a wonderful activity with the entire family chipping in with their suggestions. But sadly, the poor baby has nothing to offer (though it is his name that is being discussed), and sometimes when he grows up, he doesn’t even like the name. But that is how it has been for ages.

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