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Ezeefit FAQ

Q. Which way round do I wear the ezeefit?
A. The ezeefit logo must be at the top of the bootie and on the outside of your foot - as seen in the picture on the website.

Q. How do I select my size?
A. Use the sizing chart, the ankle bootie must be a snug fit with no wrinkles but not too tight that it interferes with circulation. It must be comfortable to wear.

Q. Will it make my feet sweat?
A. The moisture from your feet makes the ezeefit form a second skin and therefore prevent shoes rubbing and causing blisters.

Q. Can I wear them for long periods at a time?
A. Yes, ezeefit booties are comfortable and may be worn for as long as you need them with any type of shoes.

Q. Do I wear them with socks?
A. Ezeefit is designed to be worn under your socks or with no socks at all, depending on your personal preference. If using socks, make sure Ezeefit is worn inside the sock, NOT on the outside.

Q. What if I have bad circulation? 
A. Not recommended for people with poor circulation.

Q. Can I wash them and use again?
A. Yes, Hand-wash and air dry to enjoy ezeefit over and over again. 

Q. How many do I get?
A. Ezeefit is sold in pairs, you will get one for each foot.