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H-Bites & Scrapes Ingredients

Healing Natural Oils exclusive baby products are 100% gentle and safe to use on children. What this means to you is that you receive high quality natural treatment products to use at home and they are both safe and environmentally friendly. Our essential oils are carefully formulated to provide maximum healing for bites and scrapes on your baby.

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Here is a list of the ingredients in our effective H-Bites & Scrapes™ treatment:

Lavendula angustifolia - Antiseptic, analgesic properties

Melaleuca alternafolia - Antimicrobial, bactericide

Calophyllum tacamahaca - Anti inflammatory and skin healing properties

Pelargonium - Astringent, haemostatic

Aloe Vera - Reduces inflammation, pain and itching

Palmarosa - Antiseptic

Our blend of natural oils is time-tested to provide the maximum effectiveness for babies. The ingredients in H-Bites & Scrapes™ have been proven to heal quickly, effectively and painlessly.

Why Go Natural?

There are many different types of products to heal your baby. Some products are homeopathic - which means they utilize very small amounts of medicinal natural ingredients to treat the condition. Many people claim to have lukewarm results with these types of products. Still other products are over the counter and many use synthetic ingredients which may have side effects.

Who Uses Natural Treatments?

Natural products made with essential oils have been used in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions for over 2400 years for example, the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used essential oils for treatments.

Why Use H-Bites & Scrapes?

Healing Natural Oils exclusive baby products are 100% gentle and safe to use on children.

Time tested and effective ingredients
Trusted company, since 2001


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