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Bleeding Hemorrhoids - Healing Natural Oils

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Bleeding Hemorrhoids are easy to treat, with the right remedy. Before discussing a treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids, lets have a look at what causes hemorrhoids, and what they are.

So what are hemorrhoids?

They are swollen veins in the anus which stretch to form a bump, called a hemorrhoid. If the vein bursts or ruptures, bleeding hemorrhoids occur.

Bleeding hemorrhoids can be hereditary. The most common causes for hemorrhoids are sitting on the toilet for too long, straining during bowel movement, constantly sitting during the day, heavy lifting and child birth.

Bleeding from the rectum can also be associated with anal fissures, which are tears inside the anus. Treating bleeding hemorrhoids or bleeding from fissures is easy with the right remedy.

Many people use over the counter creams, suppositories, and other medicines which are not designed to get rid of bleeding hemorrhoids and fissures, but to just give relief. Most people are unaware that they are using the wrong treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids and continue to use a particular cream or ointment which never actually heals the condition properly.

What is H-Hemorrhoids?

There are three main types of bleeding hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are found deep inside the rectum and are not normally noticeable until bleeding occurs. This normally begins during a bowel movement. Bleeding hemorrhoids require attention. Once you have noticed any bleeding, seek treatment immediately.

External / prolapsed hemorrhoids occur when a hemorrhoid protrudes from the anus. This normally happens during a bowel movement. They can be extremely itchy and painful and cause allot of discomfort.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are the most painful type, and occur when blood supply becomes cut off to the area and a clot is formed. These hemorrhoids require urgent attention.

Effective Treatment

A successful remedy such as H-Hemorrhoids, is 100% natural and will provide relief, as well as completely eliminate the condition.

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