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Bleeding Piles - Healing Natural Oils

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Bleeding Piles are very common these days. Many people do not realize that there is an easy treatment for bleeding piles. Unfortunately, most treatments, such as creams, over the counter ointments, suppositories and many other medicines do not get rid of piles completely. Before discussing a remedy for bleeding Piles, lets have a look at what piles are and how they are caused.

Definition and Causes

Bleeding Piles (hemorrhoids) are expanded blood vessels, due to too much pressure in the rectum. The condition is hereditary, so some people are more likely to get piles than others. The main causes for bleeding piles are: sitting in one position for long periods of time, heavy lifting, constipation (straining during a bowel movement and sitting on the toilet for too long) and childbirth. When blood occurs, this normally indicates that a pile has ruptured and requires an urgent remedy.

Symptoms   What is H-Hemorrhoids?

Bleeding Piles have many symptoms. The first indication of piles is usually itching. Other symptoms include burning, discomfort and extreme pain. Internal Piles may not have any symptoms, until bleeding occurs. As soon as blood occurs – the condition must be treated immediately.


H-Bleeding Hemorrhoids is a natural formula which stops bleeding completely and provides instant relief. When bleeding stops, switch to H-Hemorrhoids, which will eliminate the condition completely.

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