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Cause of hemorrhoids - Healing Natural Oils

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What is the cause of hemorrhoids?
Before discussing hemorrhoids causes, lets have a look at what hemorrhoids are. Hemorrhoids or piles are expanded blood vessels in the anus. They are caused by too much pressure in the rectum which causes the vein to expand and form a lump called a hemorrhoid. Read on for the causes of hemorrhoids.


The main cause of hemorrhoids is the fact that the condition is hereditary, and some people are more prone to getting it than others. For people who have hemorrhoids in their family, diet plays a big role in whether hemorrhoids develop or not. For these people, who are more prone to getting the condition than others, eating foods such as wheat, dairy products and sugar, can cause hemorrhoids.

Common causes of hemorrhoids are: Sitting in one place for too long (especially sitting on the toilet for long periods of time) , lifting heavy things (body builders) , Straining whilst having a bowel movement and giving birth. Now that we have discussed the cause of hemorrhoids, lets look at the symptoms.

SymptomsWhat is H-Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can cause symptoms such as itchiness, discomfort, burning and pain. Internal hemorrhoids are normally not noticeable until bleeding starts. This occurs when the hemorrhoids rupture internally – when bleeding occurs, seek treatment immediately. External hemorrhoids are allot more noticeable and can be extremely painful. All hemorrhoids require urgent attention with an effective remedy.


A proven, successful formula such as H-Hemorrhoids will provide instant relief from hemorrhoids, as well as eliminate the condition completely!

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