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A successful hemorrhoids remedy is hard to find these days. Many people use hemorrhoid remedies, such as over the counter creams and ointments, which normally do not get rid of the condition completely. Even surgery proves to be the wrong hemorrhoids remedy in most cases. But before discussing an effective hemorrhoids remedy for hemorrhoids, lets have look at what hemorrhoids are and how they are caused.

What is H-Hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids are simply expanded blood vessels. When there is too much pressure in the anus, a vein can begin to bulge and form a lump called a hemorrhoid. Many people do not find a hemorrhoids remedy quickly enough, allowing the condition to get worse. Common causes for hemorrhoids are: · Sitting on the toilet for too long and forcing a bowel movement. · Heavy lifting (body builders especially) · Not eating enough fiber. (causes constipation) Childbirth


In order to effectively treat hemorrhoids with a hemorrhoids remedy that works, It is vital to be able to identify the condition.

Internal hemorrhoids do no have many symptoms due to their location inside the anus, which has very few nerve endings. Normally, the first sign of internal hemorrhoids, is when bleeding occurs. A hemorrhoids remedy must be used immediately, which can control the bleeding and eliminate the condition.

External hemorrhoids provide allot more symptoms, such as: Itching, irritation, discomfort, burning, and pain. Obviously, there will be a noticeable bump/lump in than anus area. When any of these symptoms become apparent, it is important to seek a remedy immediately.


Using a pure blend of 100% natural, essential oils, H-Hemorrhoids, provides instant relief from hemorrhoid symptoms. Even bleeding is taken care of quickly and easily, using our H-Bleeding Hemorrhoids formula.

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