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Thrombosed hemorrhoids - Healing Natural Oils

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are common, but most people do not realise that there is an easy treatment for thrombosed hemorrhoids, without having to endure surgery. Before discussing an effective remedy for thrombosed hemorrhoids, lets have a look at what hemorrhoids are, how they are caused and what causes a hemorrhoid to become thrombosed.

Causes and definition

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are swollen veins of the anus which protrude and are external. When blood flow becomes restricted to the area, a clot can form which causes thrombosed hemorrhoids. Common causes for hemorrhoids are: Sitting in one position for too long, forcing during a bowel movement, weight lifting and childbirth.

Symptoms Go straight to treatment page

Thrombosed hemorrhoids can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause symptoms from discomfort and itching, to burning and extreme pain. Many over the counter creams and ointments do not work properly, and most medicines for hemorrhoids do not actually get rid of the condition, but just provide relief. A successful hemorrhoids treatment will provide relief as well as completely eliminate the condition, without surgery.

Treatment What is H-Hemorrhoids?