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Insomnia Faq


H-Insomnia Formula

Q. I've used other products, how does yours differ?
A. Many products contain harmful chemicals that are foreign to the body and may have side effects. H-Insomnia Formula is all natural and contains established homeopathic ingredients. There are no harmful chemicals used in our products. H-Insomnia Formula works to relax your body and soothes your mind to promote deep sleep.

Q. How do I use H-Insomnia Formula?
A. Massage a few drops into your temples and back of neck 30 minutes before bedtime. You may also use a few drops of formula in your bath water, shortly before bedtime. This will help to relax you and prepare for sleep.

Q. What can I expect to happen?
A. H-Insomnia Formula will relax you and aid in sleeping without the harmful side effects of sleeping pills. The formula naturally assists with sleeping.

Q. How else can I prevent insomnia?
A. We strongly recommend avoiding any type of stimulant in the evening, especially tea or coffee after 4pm in order to develop a relaxed evening routine. It is also recommended to not eat or exercise a few hours before bedtime. During the day, be sure to exercise and get plenty of fresh air to help get a better night's sleep.