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Jock Itch Faq


H-Jock Itch Formula

Q. How do I apply the product?
A. Using a few drops, apply the formula onto the affected area, three times per day.

Q. How soon will I see results?
A. H-Jock Itch Formula will immediately assist in relieving the symptoms of fungal infection.

Q. I have Tinea Cruris - will this product work?
A. Yes, Tinea Cruris is Jock Itch and the formula is specifically formulated to work on the symptoms of tinea cruris including itching and burning.

Q. I also have Athlete's Foot - Can I still use this product?
A. H-Jock Itch Formula works on the symptoms of Jock Itch in the groin and leg areas, if you have also have athlete's foot, we offer H-Athlete's Foot Formula.