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Molluscum FAQ

Q. How do I apply the product?
A. Place a few drops on a Q-Tip or use your fingers to apply topically directly to the condition.
Be sure to wash your hands before and after each application.

Q. How soon will I see results?
A. The time varies from person to person, but typically you will see a change in the molluscum symptoms within a few days. The entire process usually takes 2-6 weeks.

Q. Will I need more than one bottle of your formula?
A. This depends on the surface area of the condition. It is important that you do not run out of formula and interrupt the program. There is 11ml of H-Molluscum Formula in one bottle, sufficient for over 120 applications. If you have the condition in numerous places on your body or a severe case of molluscum, we suggest you get at least two bottles of formula or save 23% with our large size - 33ml with over 360 applications per bottle.