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Pet Acne

Pet Acne is a very common condition among animals. Acne in pets, as in humans, has various causes, such as stress, food allergies and contact allergies. Unfortunately most treatments for pet acne either do not work, or will take months and months until the condition is cleared up. Luckily there is a simple, effective treatment for pet acne. Heal Acne is a powerful natural remedy for treating acne in pets and humans alike.

What causes Pet Acne?

One of the main causes of acne in pets is plastic feeding bowls. These bowls collect dirt and bacteria in the cracks and scratches, which is transfered to your pet, while feeding. This is a major cause of pet acne, and can cross-contaminate to any other pets which may feed from the same bowls.

Symptoms & Appearance   What is Heal Acne?

Pet Acne starts as small oily black plugs which look a lot like blackheads. These may progress to itchy red bumps which can become infected. Pet acne is not usually a serious condition, but in severe cases with infection can be very detremental to your pets health and well being.

So how do you treat your pet's acne?

Heal Acne is a powerful natural treatment which will completely eliminate pet acne. Although Heal Acne is used for the treatment of acne in humans, the healing properties in animals is phenomenal, and will clear up your pets acne, guaranteed.