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Morning Sickness Symptoms, Causes, Signs & Remedies

Morning sickness is a bit of a misnomer as many pregnant women will tell you that it can last all day. This condition is very common in early pregnancy and if you are a first time mother-to-be and you are suffering from morning sickness, you will be pleased to hear that it is almost always gone by the fourth month. For some pregnant women, the symptoms are worse first thing in the morning but for others they can come and go or occur during the whole day. Some 75% of pregnant women suffer from this condition.

Although nothing has been proven, it is thought that many factors can cause morning sickness:

• Women who are highly strung tend to be more prone to nausea.
• The hormone human chorionic gonadotopin (hCG) builds up in your system during pregnancy from the time of conception until about the 12th week, after which it starts to decrease. As the timing matches that of morning sickness, it is felt that hCG is a contributing factor.
• Estrogen is another hormone that rises rapidly in early pregnancy and may well be another contributing factor.
• Pregnant women seem to develop an enhanced sense of smell as well as a sensitivity to certain smells.
• Some pregnant women have more sensitive stomachs possibly caused by the hormone Progesterone. This hormone relaxes the workings of the whole digestive track which makes the elimination of bodily wastes slower which can in turn lead to a slow emptying of the stomach causing excess stomach acids.

Some pregnant women are more likely to suffer from morning sickness than others and this may be because:

• women are carrying twins or higher multiples.
• women have had morning sickness in a previous pregnancy.
• you have a history of nausea and vomiting as a side effect of taking birth control pills.
• you have a history of motion sickness.
• your mother or sisters suffered from morning sickness.
• you have a history of migraines.
• you are carrying a girl – morning sickness means you have a 50% greater chance of this.

Many doctors feel that morning sickness can be a good thing because it indicates a healthy pregnancy and that the placenta and fetal membranes are developing well. Many women have discovered natural morning sickness treatment options such as essential oils.

Recent studies have suggested that mothers who have morning sickness have fewer miscarriages