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Squatty Potty FAQ

Q. Will it work with my toilet?
A. The Squatty Potty works perfectly for any standard toilet. How do I use it for the best results? Start with your Squatty Potty® stored under the toilet. Take a seat. While sitting, pull the Squatty Potty® out to a comfortable distance and place your feet on the foot rests. Remember, the more you simulate a natural squat position, the better. You should be in a relaxed position.

Q. Should I use my Squatty Potty every time?
A. Yes, use the Squatty Potty® every time you go to the bathroom... even when you tinkle! 

Q. How soon should I expect results?
A. Even though it may feel different at first, you will quickly adjust. Most people experience an immediate difference, others may find it takes about a week to adjust to the new position and get things moving.