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Teething Faq

Q.  How do I apply the product?
A. Massage a few drops of the formula around the outside of the face, along the jawline and the neck area.

Q.  How soon will I see results?
A. H-Teething works to eliminate the symptoms and discomfort of your child's teething and give relief from the pain.

Q.  Can I apply this inside my child's mouth?
A. No, this formula is a topical treatment to be applied to the exterior of the mouth only. Do not take orally.

Q.  You say this is an exterior treatment, but my child has pain inside his mouth, how will this work for him?
A. The formula has an anti inflammatory component which helps with the discomfort as well as soothing ingredients to assist in healing the condition. Apply to the exterior jaw and neck area for best results.