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Athletes Foot, Testimonials - Remedy Athlete's Feet

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Athletes Foot, Testimonials

Cynthia G.

I have recently been trying to lose weight; I often go to the local gym and didn’t even think about the fact I could catch a disease like athletes foot. I had absolutely no idea that when you go to a gym locker room you need to protect your feet. After I showered I went home as usual.

The next morning I got up and my feet were itching badly, I scratched and scratched and it just wouldn’t go away. I figured maybe I had a very stubborn itch. After a couple of days I couldn’t take it anymore, my foot was burning and the itching was unbearable.

I did some research on itchy feet and found out I had athletes foot, I was extremely disgusted and embarrassed and I didn’t want anyone to know. So I got on my laptop and typed up every keyword I could think of to do with athlete’s foot.

I came across your company and as you know asked a ton of questions. I received a bottle in the mail; the package was very discreet like I was told. I have been using the H-Athletes foot for about 2 weeks now and my feet feel good again! I am very pleased with the whole situation and I now know that I need to wear flip-flops when I am showering at the gym!

Thanks for all your help!

Cynthia G.

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