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Heal Stretch Marks Testimonials

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H-Stretch Marks, Testimonials

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Lulu - Louisiana

When I was about 6 months pregnant and I had been reading about stretch marks in magazines and articles about being pregnant, I decided I must do something to prevent these things happening.

So I researched on line for a product that I could use as a preventative. I found your product H-Stretch Marks and it sounded like just the thing I needed. So of course I ordered a bottle.

Right away I started using it as directed on my breasts and abdomen to keep the areas nice and moisturized. I did not worry about my hips and buttocks as there was no sign of any weight gain there (luckily!).

Well now I am nearly full term and both my breasts and my abdomen are huge but the good news is that there are no signs of any stretch marks and believe me I have been checking very carefully every day.

I think I am going to be ok and that will be thanks to you guys. Good job Amoils.

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Priscilla - Pasadena, CA

I was stupid and I was foolish and I let myself go when I was pregnant and I let myself just put on so much weight. Then I felt so bad and depressed about it because I got stretch marks on my hips and my buttocks and my stomach.

After my baby was born, I made myself do something about it. I could not have my baby looking so beautiful and me looking so ugly. I ordered some of your oil on line and I was very good and followed all your instructions.

Three whole months went by and I never missed a day in treating my stretch marks - I was real good and look after all three problem areas. After a month, I noticed they were fading. Another month and they were just faintly there and fantastic news, after 3 months they were completely gone!!!

I was so excited and I showed some of my nice blemish free skin to all those nearest and dearest to me so they could see my success story for themselves. I would like to thank your company for helping me to sort out my life. Now my baby daughter and I are both beautiful.

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Elvira - Memphis, TN

I am a fair skinned, in my late thirties and expecting twins so I knew the odds were against me for developing stretch marks in the later stage of my pregnancy but I also knew I had to play my part in trying to prevent those horrible marks.

All the weight and stretching seemed to be affecting mostly my abdomen so I ordered your product which I found on line and concentrating on treating my abdomen area and also my breasts because I thought they were bound to get larger. Fortunately, my bottom and my hips did not seem to be getting too much bigger.

Well I have to give www.amoils.com full marks for an excellent product. I was very conscientious about the application of your product and it paid off. When I gave birth to my twins with only one or two minor complications, my abdomen and my breasts were absolutely free of stretch marks.

My only problem now is looking after two tiny babies at once.

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Jessie - Belfast, Northern Ireland

When I was well into my third trimester, my doctor told me that I had excess amniotic fluid and this was why I was showing stretch marks on my tummy. He told me that there was not much I could do about it and it was just part and parcel of expecting a baby and that with a bit of luck they would fade in time.

My doctor is very kind and caring but I did not feel like just trusting his word and accepting my fate. So it was back to the “computer drawing board”. I was very relieved when I found and ordered your product H-Stretch Marks on line. It sounded like just what I needed and it was so simple to use too.

So I worked on my stretch marks every day along with all the other 101 things I seemed to have to do and I carried on working on my stretch marks even after my son’s birth and by then I had 1001 things to do.

My son is now 2 months old and I have only just got around to emailing you to tell you that the H-Stretch Marks product was great. My stretch marks have faded away completely which is very good news for me. Thank you, thank you.

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