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Heal Varicose Veins Testimonials

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H-Varicose Veins, Testimonials

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Honey - Overland Park, KS

I have always been a bit overweight - well since I was in my teens - so being pregnant did not seem all that different and then I had an excuse anyway and the bigger breasts seem to balance everything out. But when I found I was getting varicose veins on my legs I thought I had to start watching my weight gain. I knew my husband would not like to see these varicose veins on my legs. He would think I was like an old woman.

Luckily I found your product and started using this. I also followed some of your tips about helping varicose veins. I managed to keep the varicose veins hidden from my husband while I was sorting them out (long pants by day and a long gown in the evening) and by the time I wore one of my maternity dresses again you could hardly see them any more. My husband certainly never noticed anything so I was quite proud of myself.

I have learnt my lesson now and I am going to be very careful about not putting on extra weight. It is just not worth it for the problems you can get.

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Hazel - Sussex, United Kingdom

I am quite advanced in my third pregnancy and my previous two were trouble free and I certainly did not have any varicose veins (they were both boys). Now I am having a little girl this time around (I am thrilled about this) but the downside is that I found these unsightly veins all around my right ankle. So ugly and discoloured.

I just had to do something about them so I researched the problem on line and found your product H-Varicose Veins. I thought to myself “great! Just what I need!” When your product arrived I found it very easy to use partly because the veins do not cover a very large area. I had to be patient because they don’t go overnight and I knew from your site that the treatment could take several weeks to be effective.

But my patience was rewarded in the end - I have a smooth and blemish free ankle once more so I want to send my grateful thanks for such a helpful product and I will certainly tell my friends all about it too!

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Binky - Newark, OH

When I saw my legs I thought oh my god what am I going to do. Real ugly veins and I was already not feeling good about myself. My hair needed cutting, my skin was breaking out and now the veins. Pregnancy was not good for me at all.

I belong to a “moms to be” group of girls and at the next get together, I moaned about my bad luck. They were very supportive and one of them told me about your product H-Varicose Veins. She said she did not have much left so said I must order some.

So I did and I also followed all the tips you gave as well. The veins started improving slowly but surely - my skin got better because I was eating healthy and exercising - and I went and had my hair cut (and even hi-lighted) so that by the time I was well into my 3rd trimester I was really looking good.

Thank you for helping me to feel good about myself once more.

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Justine - Washington, DC

Writing to companies to say thank for a job well done is not something I do unless I have something to complain about.

So I guess you can say that this is a big compliment to you that I am writing now.

I ordered your “H-Varicose Veins” when I was in the late stages of pregnancy and suffering from the dreaded varicose veins.

You product worked very successfully and eliminated the veins just as you said it would.

Thank you to Amoils.

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