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Products and information for Psoriasis, including symptoms and treatment.

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Psoriasis, Testimonials

Ferdinand Q.- Tampa, FL.

This oil is incredible. I have has this terrible disease for many years, and so far I hadn't found anything that gave me relief, so unfortunately I just had to deal with every flare up I've had. I recently discovered your H-Psoriasis product, and decided to try it out.

I must say that I was very skeptical, but after I used it for a few days, it was amazing, it really helped H-the outbreak quickly, and my symptoms were almost non-existent.

I want to thank everyone at Healing Natural Oils for making it so much easier to deal with this problem, I have recommended your psoriasis treatment to a few of my friends who also have psoriasis. Thank you so much, and you may use this testimonial for your website.

Ferdinand Q.- Tampa, Fl.  

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