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Heal Restless Legs Testimonials

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H-Restless Legs, Testimonials

Laura M - Crockett, CA

I am so happy with your oil for restless legs. I have had this issue for a long time and at night it was always so uncomfortable.

When I massage the oil in my legs I feel relief immediately but it did take a week before I was free of that creepy feeling up and down my legs. I will definitely continue using it.

Laura M - Crockett, CA


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K. Lomas - Hamilton, OH

My son has had this problem for a few months and I did not know what to do. He is 11 and I thought it would go away but it seemed to be getting worse.

When I saw your advertisement online I decided to get it. I showed him how to rub it on his legs and feet like you say. At first he did not notice a change but after a week he said it felt like it was working.

Now it is 3 weeks later and he says it is so much better. I know because he is not complaining and kicking his legs at night. I have got him some vitamin supplements too and will continue to use this oil.

K. Lomas - Hamilton, OH