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Heal Skin Tags, Testimonials - Cutaneous Papilloma

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Skin Tags, Testimonials

Marshall Y. – Washington, D.C

I had these strange looking things on the inside of my arm, they seemed to almost “dangle” off the skin. They looked like moles to me, and because of the strange shape, I thought it was a good idea to have a check-up with my doctor to make sure they were okay. Turns out I was wrong, the doctor told me that they were not moles, but rather skin tags. I had never heard of skin tags, but then there are so many medical things you never know of until you have them. My doctor gave me two options. I could wait for them to fall off on their own, which could take several years, or I could opt for the surgery, which involves the tags being cut off. She left me with no choice, so I made an appointment for the surgery.

A few days after going to the doctor, I noticed that they had gotten even bigger! I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t do anything to them, and now they have grown. I started getting concerned so I started researching skin tags more in depth. I discovered that skin tags were actually very common, and can occur in areas with high perspiration, which would explain why they are in my armpits. I then came across your website, Amoils.com

I have always preferred natural medicine, so I bought a bottle of the H-Skin Tags oil. Once it arrived, I started using it immediately. Incredibly, my first tag fell off after only a week or so of treatment, the rest soon followed, and by the 4th week, they were all gone. I cannot tell you how happy I am, I really didn’t want to go through with the surgery, and now I don’t have to. I really wish doctors knew about this great product, because it would save lots of people the trouble of surgery.

Marshall Y. – Washington, D.C

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