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Warts, Testimonials - Natural Wart Removal

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Warts, Testimonials

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Written testimonials:

Janice - Orlando, Fl.

I just had to write to let you know how excited I am with the results my son had with the H-Warts. About 6 months ago I read the testimonials with skepticism, however, I could relate to the frustrations of the parents in the stories. I figured that it wouldn't hurt to be open minded and try the H-Warts.

Anyway, my son had flat warts that were spreading rapidly over his stomach and arms. His father was putting the old store bought "burn" liquid on to "kill" the virus. Unfortunately, this product was hurting and burning my son's skin.

I refused to use this treatment so I researched the internet for an alternative. I found you - thankfully! I applied H-Warts and within days saw dramatic shrinkage. All of the warts were completely gone in less than 2 weeks and have not re-appeared (I waited to write to be sure!).The most interesting thing was that there were some warts