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Acne's Social Impact

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Anything that makes us uncomfortable about our appearance, or our physical presentation, has been proven to have a socially detrimental impact on our psychological well being. Acne is looked at as a flaw in human appearance, an affliction if you will, which can affect not only our faces which is the part of us everyone sees first, but even can spread to other areas of our body as well.

What is Acne?

Acne vulgaris is a skin condition which commonly afflicts those in their teen years, but has grown increasingly common in the adult population as well due to factors such as stress and hormone irregularities. It is a skin condition that, especially in it's most severe form, can cause our skin to literally erupt in unsightly cysts, bumps, whiteheads and blackheads virtually over night.

Acne is a billion dollar industry, and for a good reason. People feel extremely self conscious about acne, and will do almost anything to get rid of it. Look at the overwhelming popularity of one of the most controversial medication used to treat a "cosmetic" condition : Accutane.

Because acne is a "socially unacceptable" skin condition, a societal standard that has been set by beauty magazines showcasing models with flawless skin, the increasing celebrity obsession, and attention given to great skin, and other factors that have made us place a high importance on good skin. Good skin means acne free skin.

We've also seen a skyrocketing increase in popularity and offerings in the acne treatment market. There are well-known acne products have spawned a generation of do-it-yourself products. They've also enjoyed huge sales and record profits from consumers desperate to treat their acne safely, and without expensive dermatologist visits.

This all shows what a social impact acne has on people. Just look at
how willing they are to try multiple acne products, and spend hundreds if
not thousands of dollars. The social impact of acne in adults and teenagers is one not to be ignored. Studies have actually been done which show acne does indeed have a damaging effect on one's psychological well being, and this is more and more apparent the worse their acne problem is.

Not only that, studies and surveys have also shown that those with adult acne may be negatively perceived in the work place and also in the dating and relationship realm. So the social impact of acne is very real, and not one to be ignored.