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Anal Fissures in Pregnant Women

Anal fissures occur when there is a small tear in the lining of the rectum and the rectum bleeds. An anal fissure can occur when a very hard bowel movement or stress to the inner wall of the anus cause it to tear the inner tissue. Anal fissures may cause a lot of sharp pain inside the anus which can be almost unbearable. Anal fissures may disappear on their own through the body's natural healing. This can be accelerated if a person eats right and makes sure to watch their diet in order to avoid constipation which will aggravate the condition.

How can a person tell if they have a fissure?

Since fissures are common in pregnant women and even infants there are many signs that an anal fissure may be present. Obviously like any other cut if something opens it up again it will bleed, an anal fissure is very much like this. Pregnant women may notice there is blood on their toilet tissue or directly on their stool. Pain when having a bowel movement may indicate an anal fissure.

Having a hard or constipated bowel movement can tear the anus resulting in a fissure. It is advisable to seek a consultation with a medical professional  if you have concerns during pregnancy.

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