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Arthritis and Diet

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Is there something known as an ‘arthritis diet’? In other words, can eating a certain type of food remove the symptoms of the disease and provide relief from the acute pain that is associated with arthritis? The fact is that, this topic has been hotly debated for a fairly long time now, and the Arthritis Research Campaign even warns people that there might be no direct relationship between arthritis and diet. On the other hand, there are those who are absolutely convinced about this, and many experts too fall in this category. Based on this theory, already many books and electronic books and food supplements are available in the market.

Can the medical fraternity turn a blind eye to the reports that are coming in that some plant oils and even fish can reduce joint inflammations and tenderness?

Actually the relationship is quite complex, and though diet may not create an impact on all types of arthritis, it is now looking increasingly likely that at least in some it may be having a big impact. An example is Gout in which the levels of uric acid are high, so a diet that has low levels of uric acid is a good idea. Alcohol is something that falls under this category – it increases the purine levels that can alter the metabolism of the body.

There is a constant tussle going on between the conventional medical practitioners and naturopaths or those who promote alternative therapies and foods for the treatment of arthritis. Those who practice Ayurveda and Homeopathy are of the opinion that when the intestine fails to process toxins they get deposited as acids in the joints over the years, and this is what causes arthritis. The diet should be controlled and monitored to see if there is a connection.

Even modern conventional medicine agrees that obesity creates a negative impact on arthritis. They say that extra pounds on the body create a pressure on the muscle, the tendons, the cartilage and also the bones. Everyone knows that foods that are rich in fat, and oils lead to obesity. Junk foods are known to have created an entire generation that is obese. So avoiding a fat rich diet is a must for all arthritis patients.

Other diets that may be contributing factors are:

• Foods that result in a high level of cholesterol.
• Chocolate, cow’s milk, butter and other dairy products.
• A diet that can lead to a high sugar level in the body.
• Caffeine, tea and alcohol.
• Excessive vinegar, pepper and salt.
• A diet that does not have enough fiber and starch.
• Red meat.

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