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Arthritis Relief of Symptoms

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Finding relief from the symptoms of arthritis can be difficult, however there is help out there. There are also advantages to gaining an understanding of this disease.

It's chronic and complex nature can be alarming too. Continuing research in the field of arthritis has revealed that many different forms of the disease exist and they don't all share a common name, even amongst medical practitioners.

However, most of them do share a few common symptoms, such as joint inflammation, associated pain, limited mobility to name a few. Of these, osteoarthritis is one of the most prevalent chronic health problems. It comes second only to heart disease as a cause of work disability. It can create mild to severe limitations on such simple daily activities such as walking, getting up from the bed, dressing and bathing.

There are many sources of symptomatic relief. Painkillers may provide temporary relief, but it appears that long-lasting and effective relief from the condition can only be obtained through a carefully planned pain-management system.

Arthritis is closely linked to maintaining a healthy body weight. Obesity can have a negative effect on the symptoms of arthritis as well as to the disease itself. Several types of arthritis lead to the degeneration of the cartilage tissue that buffers the bone joints. This causes the bone ends to rub against each other during any movement involving them, causing abrasion and consequently, some degree of pain. Excessive body weight exerts unnecessary forces on these damaged joints. Weight bearing joints, such as those of the knees, take the brunt of the weight and can quickly develop into a very painful condition.

A proper diet, along with some degree of moderate exercise, can be helpful under the circumstances. While a balanced diet will help in maintaining an ideal body weight, exercise will help in keeping the affected joints mobile and help prevent the ravages of arthritis.

Apart from these, one can seek relief from arthritis pain using anti-inflammatory drugs, heat and cold packs to soothe the muscle and joint pain, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, topical massage with soothing oils, and in some extreme cases, by opting for surgery.

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