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Osteo Arthritis Facts

There are many types of arthritis, but among them all, osteo arthritis is the most commonly seen one. Millions of people across the world, young and old, suffer from arthritis, and since osteo arthritis is so common, the number of people suffering from this illness is huge. In fact, it is estimated that as many as 21 million people in the US alone might be suffering from osteo arthritis. Further, experts are now saying that 1 out of every 4 person who visits a physician complaining of pain, is actually suffering from osteo arthritis. It is sometimes also referred to as a degenerative joint disease, because it primarily affects the joints of the body where it pains. Some people also call it as degenerative arthritis.

Since this is one form of arthritis, the main symptom of the disease is obviously the pain that can become quite acute. However because of the fact that the disease builds up slowly over the years, there are those who do not feel the pain that much – they just get used to it, and hardly notice any major change. But in others the pain can be acute, and can even cause mobility to become severely restricted. There is also usually stiffness and swelling in the joints. And the condition worsens when there is a change in the climate (such as increase in warmth or cold – particularly during the winter season), and the pain also intensifies during the fool moon.

The pain is generally sharp, and feels like as if the affected are is burning, and this happens particularly when the person stands up after staying in the sitting position for a while. Or after walking for a while or some other physical activity. When this happens the person needs to just rest and refrain from the activity, and this will bring the pain down.

The pain comes from the tendons and the muscles that are there is the region. The cartilage in the joints may tear apart, causing the pain. The joints seem to crack with a noise when the person or someone else touches it or the joint gets moved. In fact, it becomes difficult to move the joints in the first place. Sometimes osteo arthritis can also lead to the growth of fluids in the joints. Parts of the body that are usually affected by osteo arthritis include the knees, the feet, hand, hips, and the spine.

Absolutely anyone can get osteo arthritis. Though it is more common among seniors, but even perfectly healthy young people can get the disease. Also obese people are more likely to suffer from osteo arthritis, simply due to the fact that the extra fat in their body can put a lot of pressure on the muscles, the tendons and the bones. Intriguingly, it has also been seen that the disease is more common in women rather than men. In men who are below 55, the disease is moiré widespread, but in above the 55 age group, it is women who suffer more.

A family history of osteo arthritis may also cause the disease.

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