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Candida Cleanse

Candida is a fungus that usually lives in balance with other bacteria and is found in the genital tract, the throat and in our intestines.  Candida is useful for getting rid of harmful bacteria but sometimes this balance goes wrong and the candida multiplies. When this happens, it is best to use a natural candida treatment along with candida cleansing to safely remove the infection.

Candida cleansing is one of the ways in which this balance is restored. A good candida cleanse is dependent on an overall approach including diets for a candida cleanse (that is not eating foods which feed the candida) plus using supplements that are anti-fungal to build up the body's digestive system while cleansing the bowel, the lymphatic system and toning the liver.  There are products on the market that make use of fiber, oxygen or other natural methods to safely clean the toxins and excess waste from your body. Many cleansing programs consists of a cleanser, as well as probiotics to help boost your immune system. On top of this, you can also fast, or alter your diet to help starve the candida in your system.

  • The simplest candida cleanse is to use antifungals for 2 weeks, switch to probiotics for 2 weeks and to keep up this method for a period of 3 months.

  • At the same time, your digestion needs to be improved as candida yeast will feed on improperly digested food so that it multiplies.  A course of full spectrum digestive enzymes taken with each meal, also for 3 months, is often recommended.

  • Bowel cleansing is another aspect of candida cleansing.  If you are not having two bowel movements per day and suffering with constipation, you should take a mild laxative to re-tone the bowel until find resolved.  At the same time adding more fiber to your diet, drinking lots of water and taking regular exercise will also help with any constipation problem. 

  • Exercise is important in other ways to cleanse your body, helping your it to work more efficiently, as well as assisting in the detoxification process. Taking a good walk, going for a jog, swimming or cycling can work wonders.

  • Your liver is also a major organ involved in the detoxification process and needs to run smoothly and efficiently in order for your system to be in top gear. But it can become overwhelmed with toxins which will be reabsorbed into your system. Support your liver with supplements such as: dandelion root, milk thistle, burdock root and vitamin C.

  • Try to alleviate stress as this causes your body to release sugars into your blood, feeding the overgrowth of candida yeast.

  • Candida diets should be carefully followed in tandem with the candida cleansing program.  Avoid all sugars and make sure you are not eating any hidden sugars as well as obvious ones in candy, beverages and of course alcohol.  Avoid any foods with white flour.  The good things to eat are unsweetened kefir, unsweetened yoghurt and sauerkraut while at the same time drinking apple cider vinegar diluted in water.

The goal of candida cleansing is to bring candida down to a normal manageable level. Although candida and yeast exist naturally in our body, problems arise when it spreads and multiplies.  Two vitamins that are very helpful in supporting your body during a cleanse are Vitamin C and bioton. 

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