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Eczema Causes - What are They?

What are the Causes of Eczema?

Eczema is quite similar to a rash. Found on the body, it causes small itchy blisters to appear and can be troublesome to deal with. Eczema is a very itchy condition which can irritate a person weeks before it even shows up, in the form of itching or peeling dry skin. There is no definite cause for how eczema comes about but there are many reasons it may happen. Stress can cause eczema, it seems when someone is under pressure they are a lot more likely to have eczema occur.

If eczema is present, stress can cause the rash to become worse. Huge changes in weather can affect the body which may cause eczema. If the climate or weather a person is used to all of the sudden changes, perhaps on a long vacation or moving from one place with a warm climate, to a colder location, or vice versa, the body may not adapt well. In areas where it is hot and sweat is present often, or cold where the body is dry, an outbreak of eczema may occur. Eczema is mainly genetic, those whose parents had it are quite likely to experience outbreaks as well.

Irritants in the air such as tobacco smoke can trigger eczema. It does not matter whether the person is smoking directly or it is being passed through the air as second hand smoke. Chemicals and solvents, such as paint thinner or cleaning solvents like bleach or window cleaner, can all irritate or cause a person to get eczema via contact. There are many causes for an outbreak of eczema, allergens, harsh changes in weather or genes can be a reason. Many people have allergies to plants dust, dust mites and so fourth. Lastly causes of eczema could lie in what a person eats. Some nuts and dairy products, preservatives and wheat products are a few which can contribute to the occurence of eczema.

The best thing to do in cases of eczema is keep a list of foods eaten and when outbreaks occur try avoid eating or being around these so as not to provoke an eczema outbreak. As stated earlier there are no certain causes for why people get eczema and there is no cure, only ways to manage the rash when it does cause outbreaks.

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