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Bleeding Hemorrhoids, Bleeding Internal Hemroids & Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are essentially veins in the anal area which have become very swollen from the pressure of carrying the weight of an unborn baby. The veins fill up with too much blood, causing them to swell and eventually be known as a hemorrhoid. Bleeding Hemorrhoids are very common in pregnant women who are approaching their third trimester when the pressure on the fetus dilates the veins. Sometimes hemorrhoids will only surface during the onset of childbirth.

Hemorroids in general can be very painful and itchy and they are always found around the anal area. Doctors readily accept this condition as normal and will tell their patients not be embarrassed.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids

When a hemorrhoid is formed, an excess of blood is trapped in the vein. Since hemorrhoids are actually in the anal cavity, they may bleed if a pregnant woman becomes constipated. When the stool rubs against the vein and is then pushed hard against it, the vein may burst. This may cause the vein in turn to actually start bleeding. Hemorrhoids like this should not cause too much pain unless it is an internal hemorrhoid and is blocking the anal cavity. The important thing is to drink lots of water together with a high fiber diet which in turn ensures a softer stool so that the bleeding hemorrhoids are not pressed so much against the anal wall.

Do all Hemorrhoids bleed during pregnancy?

No, not all hemorrhoids will bleed but those that do cause blood to appear on the stool or toilet tissue used. It is important to remember that although bleeding hemorrhoids are not usually dangerous, there are instances when bleeding can harm a person and should be checked out by a health professional. Regular bowl movements and a high fiber diet are the best things for preventing hemorrhoids from bleeding during pregnancy. Bleeding hemorrhoids are often just another part of pregnancy and like morning sickness, they often go away in time. Hemorrhoids in general are nothing to be too concerned about and they should clear up after the pregnancy, bleeding however may indicate a more serious condition and it may be recommended to consult a health professional if bleeding is found.
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