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Hemorrhoid Relief, Hemroids Relief

Although not a terminal condition, many adults suffer in silence from hemroids . As a foundation for general good health, including strong blood vessels that do not swell and burst, it is important that we supply our body with proper nutrition. There are several vitamins and minerals that are important in maintaining strong and healthy blood vessels, including calcium, copper, and Vitamin C.

Natural Hemorrhoid Relief and Treatment of Symptoms

There are homoepathic remedies available that may be beneficial for the treatment of hemorrhoids symptoms such as H-Hemorrhoids 

Hemorrhoids - A Naturopathic Perspective

Dr. Marcy Foley, N.D., D.C., has the following to say about Hemorrhoids. (Embraced by the Essence, p. 95):

"Hemorrhoids and all varicosities generally indicate liver dysfunction. You may wish to place a Sage compress over the liver. Refer to Methods of Application. You must take proper care of the entire body, starting with diet. take proper care of the intestines to ensure that you have adequate fiber in the diet, drink enough distilled water and have the right balance of intestinal flora. Rutin, a component of the Vitamin C complex and MSM are very valuable in healing hemorrhoids, because they help to improve cellular integrity. If bleeding is occurring with hemorrhoids, use Cayenne Pepper, as this is one of the quickest ways to stop bleeding, both internally and externally. One might think that this would burn the tissues. Actually, cayenne is safe enough to use in the eyes, in the proper dilution. Hemorrhoid sufferers should avoid the use of black pepper in the diet, as this further irritates sore tissues. Helichrysum is also a very powerful hemostat. Rub externally over the area of involvement."

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