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Over the Counter Hemorrhoid Medication

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Although most people think hemorrhoids are abnormal, they are present in everyone. It is only when the hemorrhoidal cushions enlarge that hemorrhoids can cause problems and be considered abnormal or a more serious condition. While there are natural home remedies available to treat hemorrhoids, some people prefer to buy over the counter medications for this purpose. Persevering with such medication or a natural home remedy along with some lifestyle changes such as: a healthier diet with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and fiber; drinking plenty of water; getting regular exercise; and preventing constipation can lead to a very successful outcome.

There are many OTC hemorrhoids medications available. Some are for pain and discomfort while others will help alleviate the common cause of hemorrhoids which is constipation. OTC hemorrhoid medications will reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids but their effectiveness usually relates to their treatment of anal conditions other than hemorrhoids - for example, the anal itching that often accompany hemorrhoids.

Such medications include:

  • Aleve which is an anti inflammatory product for the aching discomfort of severe hemorrhoid flare ups.
  • Anusol HC cream which is used for the reduction of swelling, burning and itching sensations of swollen external hemorrhoids.
  • Anusol HC suppositories which are for treating internal hemorrhoid swelling and discomfort.
  • Citrucel which is a bulk fiber laxative and which comes in both a sugared and a sugar- free version.
  • Senokot which is a bowel contraction stimulant and Senokot S which is a stool softening or lubrication. This combines with the bowel contraction stimulant to good effect.
  • Aspirin which can be taken as a pain reliever. Beware of any pain relievers that contain codeine as this can cause constipation.
  • Corticosteroid products which should be used sparingly and are not recommended as (although they can relieve symptoms like itching and inflammation) they can be harsh on the skin and the hemorrhoid area is very sensitive.
  • Vasoconstrictor products are useful OTC hemorroid medications that relieve pain and itching by being topically applied. In addition they reduce swelling by shrinking the blood vessels.
  • There are other stool softener or bulk forming laxatives such as Colace, Fibercon and Maltsupex to bring the problem of constipation under control while waiting for the benefits of a high bulk diet to kick in, along with making sure you have plenty of liquids and increasing your daily exercise.

One word of warning when using OTC hemorrhoid medication is to be wary of any that contain anesthetics such as Benzocaine as these can have allergic side effects even though they may relieve the pain for a while.

Any OTC hemorrhoid creams or suppositories should only be used for a limited period and be careful to follow all directions and instuctions. Start your treatment of hemorrhoids in the early stages and you will avoid the situation worsening.

Hemorrhoids can quickly become more painful. What may start as tiny swellings inside the anal-rectal area can soon grow into large, protruding and painful lumps if you delay with commencing treatment.

Along with OTC hemorrhoids medications, there are other products available to treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids including the pain and discomfort. These include:

  • Fiber which is an important supplement in the fight against constipation.
  • Bioflavonoid which is useful for reducing the inflammation of the hemorrhoid.
  • Petroleum jelly which is another OTC product which helps with the discomfort of hemorrhoids
  • Aloe Vera which has been used for thousands of years to help give relief from the discomfort of hemorrhoid symptoms such as pain.
  • H-Hemorrhoids which is an all natural essential oils product.

Most OTC hemorrhoid products contain more than one type of active ingredient. Almost all contain a protectant in addition to another ingredient.