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Migraine Diet, Migraine Headaches and Food

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A migraine is the second most common type of primary headache and some 28 million people in the US alone will experience migraine headaches varying in intensity and frequency.

Recent studies have suggested a definite link between migraine and diet. And one of the most interesting of these studies is the effect of tyramine in our diet.

Tyramine is a natural substance and it is formed from the breakdown of protein in food as it starts to age. It is therefore found in foods that are aged, fermented and spoiled so that the longer a high-protein food ages, the greater the potential tyramine content. This means that any food containing protein will build up tyramine content if it is sitting in the refrigerator for many days. So very fresh or frozen food is important.

Diet is very important when it comes to the triggering of migraine headaches.

If you feel that you might be affected by the tyramine in your diet and that this is triggering your migraine headaches, you might find it helpful to try avoiding such products on a trial basis to see if an improvement follows. You will then be able to work out a diet to suit you.

If you suffer from migraines you may well find relief from changing to a low-tyramine migraine diet. It is certainly worth investigating.

Migraines are quite common – according to estimates as many as 10% of the population suffer from them. Some people are advised to either apply cold (ice) or warmth on the head to provide migraine pain relief. But this is risky as it can backfire and make the pain more intense.

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