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Groin Skin Tags, Groin Area Skin Tag Removal

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Groin Skin Tags There are many names for skin tags: acrochordons, fibroepithelial polyps and pedunculated papillomas. Apart from groin skin tags, these growth can appear almost anywhere - in the genital region, under the armpits and on the neck most commonly.

Although skin tags are such a common condition and appear all over the body, people become especially sensitive and embarrassed when they find they have skin tags in the groin area. Skin tags are those soft, small, flesh-colored or other-colored lesions, usually occurring in multiples and protruding from the body. They tend to form along the neckline, under the arms, beneath the breasts, on and above the eyelids and of course in the groin area. 

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When groin skin tags appear on the penile shaft and around the scrotum they can be easily irritated, chafed or infected. Groin skin tags may even bleed when injured because they have a blood supply that enables them to grow. Skin tags are generally harmless but it can be very irritating when they get injured, and they may be unsightly for some people.

Appearance and Symptoms of Groin Tags

Groin skin tags mostly take on the appearance of unwanted skin and do not usually cause much embarrassment. It is the penile skin tags which may grow at the head of the penis which cause more concern. Unfortunately, any abnormality in the penis is thought to be linked to sexually transmitted disease (even though this is untrue). Often skin tags on the penis occur at the circumcision line because of uneven removal of skin at the time of being circumcised.

Although anyone can develop skin tags in the groin area and elsewhere, there some contributing factors which may cause the skin tags to appear. These are:

  • Steroids- Athletes who use steroids can actually contribute to the appearance of skin tags by causing the collagen fibers in their skin to bond in such a way that skin tags are formed.
  • Insulin rejection, which may be caused by diabetes or other factors in the body, can affect the growth of skin tags.
  • Ageing
  • Obesity

 For reasons of comfort and to avoid possible anxiety on the part of your sexual partner, you may decide to have the skin tags in the groin area removed.

Treatment and Medication

Remember, skin tags can reappear anywhere on the body. However, once removed, skin tags very rarely  grow back.  Here are several ways in which skin tags can be removed:

  • Small tags can be removed by excision after a local anesthetic has been administered.
  • Larger tags might need to be removed under a general anesthesia.
  • Electrocautery.
  • Cryotherapy where the tags are frozen off with liquid nitrogen.
  • Laser
  • A natural skin tag treatment alternataive which can be used to treat your skin tags in the groin in the privacy of your own home.

Try to remember that the groin area is just like the skin anywhere else on your body and there is no reason whatsoever why you should feel embarrassed about these groin skin tags.

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