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How to Remove Skin Tags and Growths

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Many people ask one of two questions - what are skin tags, and how to treat skin tags?

These growths that are basically small tumors (though harmless) that may appear on various parts of the body such as the neck, back, armpits, the groin and even on the face. Needless to say, they can be unsightly so finding an effective treatment becomes a priority. The good news is there are all-natural treatments designed to remove skin tags painlessly and effectively.


Removing Skin Tags

There are quite a few options depending on the availability, preference and the position, nature and size of the tag or the tags. A general choice has to be made whether the tag will be removed at home or whether to seek professional help. Home remedies include cutting the growth using a simple scissor or a nail clipper. While there are those who attempt this, but mind it because it can become dangerous and lead to a lot of bleeding and infection. So this line of treatment is best avoided.

Another home remedy is by using a thread or a dental floss. The thread is used to tie the tag near the stalk base and then cut it off using the scissor or the nail clipper. This too may be risky.

These options include freezing the tag or cryosurgery, burning the growth by applying an electrolysis needle, and even cutting off the blood supply to the growth by tying of the stem of the tag. While there are many options but they may not be painless and are not without risks as well. For example, if the place and also the tools that are used are not properly disinfected, then it can lead to an infection that will create further problems.

The Best Treatment Method is Pain-Free and Effective.

One of the best options is to use a natural remedy. 

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