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Skin Tags & Molluscum Contagiosum

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skin tags and molluscum contagiosum

What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are small to large flap-like pieces of skin which are found on the body. They are made of skin fibers which have bonded together and formed an abnormal shape. Skin tags can be brown or pink depending on the color of the person's skin. They can be in clusters or just one single skin tag. Skin tags can also have a stalk, called a peduncle, from which they hang and these can sometimes be seen on the eyelids and may even be a vision impairing condition.

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What is Molluscum Contagiosum?

Molluscum contagiosum is a skin condition which affects children more than adults. Molluscum is best described as a zit with an indent in the center. It is extremely contagious and eczema often accompanies it. Molluscum contagiousum is a virus which arises from the same strain as that of chickenpox, the pox virus.

Molluscum is spread through contact and affects many children as they do tend to play together. If a person already has molluscum, it can be spread through itching. Although molluscum is non itchy, it is usually seen with eczema and can therefore affect the spread of molluscum as the two are so close together that when a child scratches the eczema, he also scratches the molluscum.

The Confusion Between the Two

Although molluscum and skin tags are very different, they may be confused by people who have never had them. Molluscum and skin tags are both pink. Molluscum, unlike skin tags, are indented zit-like forms which look a lot like pimples and come in clusters. Skin tags are longer and formed of actual skin rather than the blisters of molluscum.

Molluscum will never hang off a stalk unlike skin tags. Molluscum will be totally round and will not have an odd shape to it like a skin tag would. Unlike skin tags, molluscum can come in bunches at a time and is frequently seen in those who have eczema outbreaks.

Skin Tag Transmission

Skin tags cannot spread from person to person. Skin tags mainly appear on older men and women. Molluscum is spread through bodily contact. If someone has molluscum contagiosum on the genitals, it can be sexually transmitted, while skin tags can also occur on the genitals, they cannot be passed on through sexual intercourse.

If molluscum does not go away on its own it can be treated. There are also methods of treating skin tags - the most effective of which are often natural treatments.

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