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Skin Tag Treatment, Treating Skin Tags

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In the United States, most medical insurance companies have stopped paying for skin tag treatment. They consider their removal to be merely for cosmetic reasons or in the medically unnecessary category. So the costs of skin tag treatment, in the form of removal, have to be taken into consideration when weighing up the options.
In medical terms, skin tags are
described as:

  • Acrochordons
  • Papillomas
  • Soft firbromas
  • Pedunculated (this means they are on a stalk)
  • Filiform (this means they are thread-like)


Removing Skin Tags

In our grandmothers' time, they would remove them by tying a hair or some thread around the base of the skin tag. When the hair or thread was tied round the stalk, the blood supply was cut off so that the skin tags would die and drop off. This is a very old fashioned skin tag treatment and although effective, this can often be painful especially in delicate areas. A much better alternative is to use an all natural product to effortlessly and painlessly remove the skin tag.

You might try treating skin tags yourself by snipping them off with a pair of scissors. However, this is considered a very risky procedure because of the chance of infection and excessive bleeding. Also, you might have mistaken the skin tag for some other skin growth such as a mole or a hemagioma and these should definitely not be removed by you at home in such a way.

Treatment Summary

Nowadays skin tags are often removed for cosmetic reasons by your doctor or dermatologist using the following methods:

  • Natural treatment - remove skin tags with natural essential oils.
  • Electrocautery where a very hot but very small blade is used to cut off the skin tag while sealing the blood vessel at the same time to stop any bleeding. 
  • Surgical excision - by cutting.


One of the best treatments is to use a natural formula which is applied directly onto the skin tag. There is no burning or skin irritation and therefore no pain.

Although the process varies from person to person, it would only take a maximum of a few weeks and the important end result would be no scarring and no return of the skin tag.

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