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Blackheads are often considered to be the first stage of acne which is caused when excess hormones in the skin (usually in the teens) lead to the stimulation of the sebaceous oil glands.  This excess sebum clogs the pores and when open to the outside air, they turn black.  We all get blackheads from time to time but they are more likely in those with an oily skin rather than a dry skin.

Sometimes blackheads can form not from the skin's natural oil but from the use of topical oils or the use of makeup which is then not cleaned off correctly.  When the skin is not cleaned sufficiently, dead skin cells can accumulate within the pores.  These dead cells then clog the pore opening, leading to a further oil build up.  Even the over-use of makeup can lead to clogged pores such as too much moisturizer, foundation or sun screen.  And clogged pores cause blackheads to form.

So how can you prevent blackheads?


How to treat blackheads

After a good, gentle cleaning, you should steam your skin for several minutes by placing your face over a bowl of very hot water with a towel over your head to stop the steam escaping.  Only try to remove normal blackheads – nothing that is inflamed or infected.  Use scrupulously clean and sterile equipment such as a flat blackhead remover.  Once you have finished, apply some disinfectant on a sterile cotton wool ball to close the pore again.

Alternatively, treat yourself to a facial at a spa or salon where expert therapists will give you a deep cleansing facial treatment and remove any blackheads at the same time.  Even if you can only afford such treatments two or three times a year, it is well worth it.

Once you have cleared the skin of blackheads, keep acne at bay with a natural remedy such as H-Acne Formula which is a natural product to treat the symptoms of acne and may be used in your daily cleansing ritual.