Candida Cures

Anyone suffering from a candida yeast infection will be anxious to find a candida cure because of the discomfort such an infection can cause.  Yeast infections can have different names when appearing in different parts of the body.

Candida and yeast infections love a hot, moist environment so part of a cure for candida is to avoid tight fitting, synthetic clothing.  Any wet clothes, swimsuits  or exercise gear should be removed quickly so that you remain dry.  Cotton underwear is best.  Some sufferers have an allergic reaction to the dyes and perfumes in soaps and other products including laundry detergent.  Such a reaction can cause irritation followed by a yeast infection.

Vaginal thrush is one of the most common of the yeast infections with 75% of all women experiencing this at least once.  Some candida cures,  treatments  or home remedies for vaginal thrush include:


A penile yeast infection or Balanitis is the male equivalent of a genital yeast infection occurring in the head of the penis.

Candida cures or treatment can include: changing your diet (avoiding sugars, eating lots of fiber); using tree tea oil; avoiding scented soaps; avoiding antibacterial soaps; stop taking antibiotics as soon as possible; eating lots of probiotics like yogurt and cottage cheese.


Mouth thrush yeast infections are small lesions inside the mouth and on the tongue and can look like a burn as the skin is milky white in color.  This form of candida is often found in young babies.  Babies may be infected during delivery if the mother has a vaginal yeast infection or through cross infection.

Candida cures or treatment are as follows:

Yeast infections of the skin folds are common in overweight or obese people, appearing under the breasts, the skin of the groin, inside the armpits and wherever folds of skin overlap.

Diet plays an important role in this candida cure but an all natural organic treatment is very popular such as H-Candida.

As soon as you are aware of the presence of a candida yeast infection, start a treatment program.

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