Where can Candida Grow?

Yeast infections are caused by a naturally occurring fungus, known as Candida albicans. This fungus is found in small amounts inside the genital tract, the mouth and the digestive tract.  Although candida is usually kept in balance, sometimes your acidic environment can become out of balance, causing the candida fungus to grow rapidly. This overgrowth of candida can appear in different parts of the body.  The different types of candida are usually named after the place where they grow.

Where does candida grow?

Candida can also contaminate the bloodstream and spread through the body to cause severe infection in the organs such as the brain, the eyes, the live and the heart.  However, this is only in those who have severely compromised immune systems such as HIV positive or cancer patients or those who are on immune suppressive drugs following an organ transplant.  In such cases, a wide range of symptoms are possible from high fevers to shock and multiple organ failure.

Although there are many types of fungus that can cause an infection in any area of the body that is both warm and moist, the most common is candida.

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