Eczema Symptoms - What are They?

Eczema is a relatively interesting condition. Anyone can get eczema and it can appear at any stage in life anywhere on the body. How bad a case of eczema a person has depends on themselves and their body's immune system. Those with poor immune systems, who are older or very young, may be affected more adversely than those who are still very healthy.

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Eczema usually starts out with an annoying constant itch; this can be anywhere on the body and last for a few weeks before a breakout. The itching caused by eczema is extremely hard to ignore as it is unlike other normal body itches, it doesn't go away and only gets worse, until it is scratched. Before the actual eczema shows on the body it can keep you awake at night with constant itching until the skin is torn open, even then the itch is there.


The symptoms of eczema can vary. Itching is of course the first symptom of an eczema outbreak. Those who are stressed or sweat a lot are prone to eczema. Other signs, along with itching, include very dry skin. When the skin dries out enough it is also prone to cracking with movement and can peel and flake off. There is always a constant urge to pick off pieces of the skin but this only makes the area more red and inflamed before the eczema even shows.

Small red spots start appearing where the area is inflamed. Eczema has a tendency to cause many small blisters. People who have never had or heard of eczema assume these may be pimples and scratch them off. This is a huge no-no as the blisters are filled with a small amount of liquid that can cause a lot more eczema to appear. These blisters can be small red and frequent. Eczema also shows up as white tipped puss filled blisters, which almost always look like zits, and may pop open causing the rash to spread further.

Eczema can go down the body in a line or stay in small clusters. If irritated and broken up enough both of these may occur.. The eczema rash may start to disappear and the skin will start to heal and go back to normal, then the terrible itch starts all over again. It is usually a clear sign that a person has eczema when they are healing and the itch comes back just the same as it started.

Remember if eczema is suspected it's probably there. The symptoms start out as itching on the part of the body the eczema will eventually appear. The next cycle of symptoms are red skin, flaking and peeling of the infected area and lastly blisters which can be mistaken for zits. Consult a doctor if itching continues or eczema does not heal by itself.

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