Mole Removal Techniques

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Moles are a very common condition and should be monitored regularly for any sudden changes.  If any moles cause concern, they should be checked by your doctor or dermatologist who may advise their removal.   Most moles are harmless and don't have to be removed but non-cancerous moles can develop into malignant melanomas although the risk is small – about 1 case in 200 000.  Some people want to have their moles removed for other reasons such as cosmetic or if they get in the way.  There are several mole removal techniques available.

Be aware that some of these removal mole techniques will leave a scar which can be more noticeable on the face.  All surgery leaves some degree of scarring.  A natural product for mole symptoms will not leave any scarring. After treating the symptoms, keep the affected area out of the sun for some time because your skin will be much more vulnerable.  Care for the area especially when on the face by keeping it clean and free from bacteria, make up and sweat.