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Plantar warts are those warts or verrucas that usually appear on the soles of the feet.  Plantar is the medical term for the sole of your feet.  Planter warts are similar to warts that occur on the hands but take on a different appearance when they are pushed into the skin's surface by the weight of the body walking or standing on them.

All warts are caused by a virus and all warts, including plantar warts, are infectious. Plantar warts can be known as planter warts, planters warts or verrucas.  They can be particularly stubborn and hard to get rid of once they have taken a firm hold.  So treating them sooner than later is recommended.

The symptoms of plantar warts are:


If you are in doubt as to whether you or your child has a plantar wart, try squeezing it between your fingers in a pinching motion.  If it is painful, then you can be positive that you are dealing with a plantar wart.

You can help to prevent the spread of plantar warts by taking these precautions:

Children are more at risk of developing plantar and other warts because as one grows older, the immune system matures and becomes better prepared for these viruses.  Remember that it is so much easier to treat plantar warts when they are small and newly formed.

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