Yeast Infections in Young Children

Adult men and women are prone to yeast infections but they can also occur in children. A yeast infection is a curable infection of yeast cells which grow out of control in the body. Some instances are (a) where there is too much moisture in the area affected in men and women or (b) the vagina in women has a low acidity level. Sometimes, due to menstruation, the yeast can multiply to the point where the body's acids can no longer prevent them. Yeast infections appear as a white lumpy discharge which comes from inside the vagina or penis. There will be swelling of the genitalia and in some men, a rash with blisters.

Yeast Infections Why do Young Children get Yeast Infections?

The cause of yeast infections in everyone is too much or too little moisture in the genitalia. In the case of women, wearing or using certain products can be the cause. Many young children love taking long, bubble baths with all the bath toys and fun. Bubble baths can actually heighten the moisture in the genitals and cause the yeast to grow to the point where a yeast infection appears. This will not happen in most children but as different bodies react to different things, it can occur.

Another cause of yeast infections in children can be when they are allowed to wear their wet bathing suits for a long time after they are no longer playing in the water. Bathing suits, like towels, sustain water and are close to the genitals. Try to ensure that children are put into dry clothes when they have finished playing in the water. Another aid to prevention is to use unscented and uncolored toilet paper. This is a known cause of yeast infections in females and could most likely have the same effect on a young girl.

A Parent's Nightmare

While this is uncommon, it is wise to know this fact. Men are big carriers of yeast and are known to spread them more to females than the other way around. If a child has frequent yeast infections from an unknown cause, it is possible that a predator is harming the child sexually. Men can transmit yeast infections through sperm or condoms with spermicidal lubricant on them. Be vigilant and if you are at all concerned, have your child checked by a doctor. A doctor will be able to examine the child and tell if there are signs of molestation as well as the cause of any yeast infections.


Most children live a life without experiencing the horror of sexual abuse so it is very rare that a yeast infection will come about through molestation. Children love to play in their bubble baths but an alternative is to use fun bath tub dyes which are non soapy It can be just as enjoyable to have colored water in the tub. Remember to take children out of wet swimsuits. It is not too common that a child will suffer from a yeast infection but it does happen. It can be treated on slightly older children, as drugs used for yeast infections require children to be over the age of five years.