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Jock Itch Pictures

Jock Itch, which can also be referred to as Tinea Cruris, is a fairly common fungal infection. Generally, the affected areas will consist of the groin region as well as the inner and upper thighs. This specific type of fungal infection causes flakey and itchy skin which can be extremely uncomfortable. Athletes worldwide, young and old have all been affected by the fungal infection commonly known as Jock Itch and some may not have even realized it. Often, people confuse jock itch with a mere skin irritation or heat rash; because of this common misconception it is extremely important to give a visual of what jock itch may actually look like.
Many may wonder what is Jock Itch and why does it occur. Most tinea infections, Jock Itch included, are caused by different types of mold-like fungi; this fungus is known as dermatophytes. Dermatophytes will live on the dead tissue of hair, nails and especially, the skin. Don’t be too alarmed just yet; everyone has microscopic fungi and bacteria that actually live on the body. 
This fungus thrives in moist and warm conditions and can develop as a result of perspiration. Another common misconception regarding Jock Itch is that it only appears in athletes. On the contrary, Jock Itch can occur in anyone who may tend to sweat a great deal. It is important to keep the groin region of the body dry and clean in order to prevent future fungal growth and infection. If the area already has the fungal infection known as Jock Itch, one must be more aware of the area and insure its dryness and cleanliness is consistently maintained.
Jock Itch generally does not get as severe as many other tinea infections, but if it goes untreated, symptoms can last for long periods of times. Most common symptoms (seen in the groin area, upper and inner thighs) of Jock Itch are, but not limited to:
- Peeling, cracking, and/or cracked skin
- Burning, itching, and/or chafing in the designated area
- Redness of the skin
- Raised rashes that can appear circular and red (commonly elevated edges)
Jock Itch is more common in men, however it can and does appear in women as well. It is important to note that many over the counter treatments for Jock Itch can actually irritate the skin and cause the fungus to spread and/or worsen. Below are several photos to show what Jock Itch may look like on the skin. This will help give a clearer idea of the appearance of the condition.
All pictures courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (http://commons.wikimedia.org).

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