Amoils Health Affiliate Program

Looking for an easy way to earn real cash from your web site, or make a steady income selling natural health products for Amoils?

Well look no further. Join Healing Natural Oils Affiliate program and you can be earning extra income from your web site in less than 10 minutes.

Our products include: warts treatment, skin tag removal, hemorrhoids (hemroids), stretch mark removal, pregnancy products and much more!

It's easy, all you need do is place a link or banner on pages of your site - it's a great way to offer your visitors products from one of the leading suppliers of natural products online.

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Amoils Affiliate Program Details

·      Earn 20% commissions on each direct sale of Amoils products

·      Average Order Size:  $62

·      Over 6% conversions

·      Generous 60 day referral period

·      Data/product feed available

·      Tested and converting creative and landing pages

·      Regular bonus programs and incentives

·      High quality products that work and everyone needs

·      Dedicated affiliate manager to ensure success

·      Chance to work with a top-ranking, reputable and established company.

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The Opportunity
Our specially formulated products are needed and used by millions of people. The statistics below give you some idea of the type of conversions you will be looking forward to. This represents money in your pocket

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Over 100 million in the US have warts. More than half the world’s population will get hemorrhoids and these are just 2 of our products.

Almost every person you walk past every day needs one of our products! Our proven formulas have helped many people and continue to do so. These products can be purchased on the internet with complete privacy protection and our customers respect this.

Our conversion rate is 6 to 10 %. 6 to 10 out of every 100 customers that visit our website purchase one of our products!

We offer a wide range of natural products that address hemorrhoids, skin tags, skin moles, warts, anal fissures and much more.

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