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Health Blog

  • Top Ten Tips for Making the Most of that Weekend

    If you have a normal working week from Monday to Friday, you will always look forward to the weekends.  But do you make the most of that forty eight hours or does Monday roll round again and you feel that nothing extra has been achieved?

    We share some ideas on what to do on your days off:

  • Can a Hoarder be Helped?

    Nearly everyone will know of someone who has a severely cluttered home – often to the extent of being a hoarder.

    While there is a huge difference between regular clutter and excessive hoarding, the problem of hoarding is now so widespread that it has become known as a definite disorder or a condition.

    We share more information on this condition and how to help someone who is a hoarder...

  • The Ultimate Solution for Nail Fungus

    When nail fungus appears in the nails - it can be the finger nails or it can be the toe nails - the sight of the fungus can be quite a shock.

    Our nails develop in the nail root (known as the nail matrix) and grows from there.

    If you have been infected with nail fungus, the fungus penetrates through the nail, migrating to the nail root within your body, taking hold and attacking the regenerating and growing nail.

    Unfortunately, as long as the nail fungus is present at the nail root, the nail will always regrow infected with the fungus...

  • How to Ensure You Have a Healthy Bladder

    Women in particular can suffer from bladder problems so it is important to do all you can to prevent such problems - and to give your bladder the best chance of staying healthy.

    We share some diet, exercise and lifestyle tips to help you...

  • Can Air Pollution Affect Your Child's Ability to Learn?

    Many parents and teachers worry about the affect of air pollution on children in general but recent research by the University of Manchester in the UK and the two charities - Global Action Plan and The Phillips Foundation - has found that it can affect their ability to learn too.
  • Fade Crows Feet & Wrinkles Naturally!

    Crows feet are those wrinkles that appear on the outer corner of the eyes.

    They are caused by the loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin as well as the muscle contractions that appear when making facial expressions.

    There are two types of crows feet, namely "dynamic" and "static".

    But what can you do about them?

  • Why do our Gums Become Swollen or Bleed?

    We all care about our dental health but there are signs and symptoms in your mouth that can be an indication of underlying health problems.

    One of the main signs is swollen or bleeding gums.

    We share what you can learn from this problem in your mouth - and what you should do with this knowledge..

  • Can Artificial Light Cause Us Harm?

    Unfortunately, artificial light CAN cause us harm.  Such harmful effects on our human health include:

    • An increased risk for sleep disorders, depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and more.
    • The disruption of the human body clock and our hormonal system.
    • An increased risk of circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders.  This is  where the circadian rhythm is misaligned with the natural light-dark cycle.
    • The problem of hazards for the eyes and the skin.  
  • Has the Writing and Reading of Poetry Gone Out of Style?

    Many of us have got out of the habit of reading poetry - especially out loud.

    In the past, children would have to do this at school - and many would include reading poetry out loud as part of a drama activity.

    But does reading poetry aloud come with benefits?  Yes, and we share many of these benefits...

  • Tips For Warts & Verrucas in Kids

    Children and teens are more likely to get plantar warts or verrucas than other age groups. 

    They are more susceptible to warts because their immune systems are not fully developed, and the areas on their body are more prone to a minor injury, so often a break in the skin makes it easy for the wart to enter.

    It may take two to six months after exposure for plantar warts to appear...

  • Making Your Home Smell Fresh, Naturally

    Unfortunately, many of can still be the target of synthetic scents which can cause harm.

    We share some of the toxic health effects of synthetic scents and how you can find more natural ways to make your home smell good...

  • Combine Epsom Salts & Lavender Essential Oil for a Comforting Bathtime Treat

    Combining Epsom Salts with Lavender Essential Oil and other ingredients makes an ideal restoration and relaxation soaking experience - for both mind and body - reducing stress, preventing colds and flu and topping up your mineral levels.