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Health Blog

  • Is it Time for Males To Get Back to the Grooming Zone?

    Sometimes barbers are open and sometimes they are not, depending on where you live and what the restrictions are. 

    The same rules and regulations can apply to gyms. 

    Even the working from home trend has meant less need to get smartened up for meetings and for work.

    Perhaps now is the time to re-think your self-care rituals and perhaps start using these again to add structure to your day?

  • What Do You Need to Know About Varicose Veins and Spider Veins?

    Varicose veins typically develop in the legs, just under the skin, and on the feet.  While varicose veins can cause some symptoms of discomfort, pain and fatigue, many are more about appearance than anything else.  Find out more about varicose veins and also spider veins...

  • Are Wrinkles and Fine Lines Inevitable as We Grow Older?

    Wrinkles can be divided into two categories; there are those fine surface lines and then there are deep furrows.

    The areas usually most affected are the sensitive skin near the eyes, the lips and neck.

    Find out what you can to improve their situation...

  • Why Taking a Nap Whenever You Can May be a Good Thing

    Many find that a nap during the course of a long day can be very restorative.  It can be because of a need to catch up on lost sleep during a disturbed night or just the need to power up to get on with the rest of a busy day.  Could you benefit from "forty winks" during the day?
  • Our FACES Need a SPRING CLEAN Too!

    Has winter seemed longer and darker this year especially the further north you are?

    Now at last, the shafts of spring sunlight are appearing and we can think about getting out and about more.  There is no better way that raising the spirits than with some pampering and self-care.

    Yes!  It is time to give your face a spring clean!

  • A Natural Solution for Skin Tags

    Skin tags can appear and start to grow bigger on various parts of the body but especially in those areas where the skin is more relaxed - around the eyes, under the armpits, on the neck or even in the groin.
    But if the tags cause you embarrassment or irritation, there are various ways to remove them...
  • Could Arthritis Medication Fight Alzheimer's too?

    Researchers at the University of Oxford have been studying whether those with rheumatoid arthritis who currently take an anti-inflammatory drug (namely, Methotrexate) are lessening their risk of dementia.  Find out more about the results of their research.
  • If you have Fibromyalgia, Would a Weighted Blanket be Helpful for You?

    There has been a recent trend for the use of weighted blankets for adults and children alike.  They are basically blankets that are weighed down by glass or plastic beads sewn into tiny pockets throughout.  In the past, they were used by therapists to help their patients who might have had anxiety or sensory issues.

    Over time, however, weighted blankets have become more popular in the mainstream and people have been using them to reduce their insomnia and stress.

  • How Can You Fade Age Spots and Dark Spots Naturally?

    One of the drawbacks of the aging process on your skin can be the appearance of age spots and dark spots.

    These can appear on the face, on the hands and elsewhere.

  • FRECKLES and do you love them or dislike them?

    Many of those who have freckles seem to have a love/hate relationship with them.  

    And yet, the fashion for freckles comes and goes.  

    Find out more about what freckles are and why some people get them...

  • How To Get Rid of Scars

    Just about everyone will carry a scar or two - perhaps from childhood accidents, as a result of surgery, from the growing problem of self-harming or even from acne outbreaks.  But what can you do about them?
  • Is Phone Anxiety a Problem for you?

    With the advent of texting, many phone users have developed an anxiety about physically answering their phone - they dislike the idea of using their phone for talking rather than for texting.  Is there a solution for this phobia?