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Health Blog

  • Hemorrhoids Don't Have To Be a Pain


    Hemorrhoids can be a very painful condition but it does not have to be.

    We share lots of ways in which you can relieve the pain and discomfort.

  • A Tomato a Day...

    We all know that old saying about an "apple a day keeping the doctor away" but we might not know that the same can be said of a tomato!

    Research is now telling us that tomatoes are worth their weight in health benefits.

    Find out more about these top ten benefits...

  • You Can Remove Scars Naturally

    There are very few of us who don't bear at least one scar somewhere on our bodies. 

    But they are not always a bad thing because when a scar forms, it means that the wound is completely healed. 

    Scars can be the result of wounds and injuries sustained from accidents, surgery and even skin conditions.  One skin condition that can be very prone to scarring is acne.

    We share some of the ways in which you can reduce the appearance of a scar.


  • Can a Vitamin Deficiency Cause Cracked Heels ?

    Cracked heels are a common condition especially in the summer months when the skin on our heels becomes extra dry and with the situation aggravated by wearing flip flops.

    There are other reasons why we can develop cracked heels too..   We share these here.

  • Breakthrough New Research For Eczema

    We have written on this subject before but now new research published in the British Journal of Dermatology has found that babies had a lower risk of developing atopic eczema in their first year IF their mothers take a Vitamin D supplement.
  • Coffee Can Actually Help You Sleep!

    It can be hard to believe but a cup of coffee and good timing can equal a revitalizing nap.  We share the secret...
  • Are there Solutions for Saggy Skin?

    Maturity and getting older can mean a less firm, even sagging, skin.

    We all tend to try and look after our faces to help keep them looking youthful and wrinkle-free.

    But many of us are less likely to take care of the skin on the rest of our body. 

  • Natural Solution for All Types of Warts

    When you start to look into the subject of warts, you begin to realize that there are several different types.

    Warts are small infections on the skin or lesions.

    We share the different types of warts...

  • Top Tips for Making your Eyes Beautiful

    The eyes are an important beauty feature in many and while we do our best to keep our eyes sparkling and fresh, are we paying attention to the skin around our eyes?
  • Is Standing on One Leg Like a Flamingo a Good Idea?

    There is new research out and it is all about being able to stand on one leg as if you were a flamingo.

    A team of scientists from around the world have got together to come up with a test called the one-legged stance test or OLS. 

    Find out more about their findings...

  • Wrinkles will Definitely Come with Smoking

    While smokers are usually well aware that cigarette smoking puts their health at risk, they might not realize that their skin can be seriously affected too.

    The problem is that cigarettes are full of toxins that can lead to premature aging, wrinkles and other skin conditions.  In fact, if you have an existing skin condition, smoking can aggravate this condition.

  • These Superfood Alternatives Should be Top of Your Shopping List!

    There is a wide variety of superfoods to choose from but as much as we would all love to include these superfoods in our diet, it is not always possible. 

    So if that is the case with you, we share some superfood alternatives to use instead