Natural, Safe & Gentle Product for Anal Fissures

Relieve the Uncomfortable Symptoms of Fissures Naturally*

H-Fissures Formula
H-Fissures Formula H-Fissures Formula H-Fissures Formula H-Fissures Formula H-Fissures Formula

H-Fissures Formula

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  • Natural Relief from Pure Plant Extracts*
  • FDA Listed & Manufactured in the USA*
  • Safe and Gentle Without Harmful Additives*
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All products come with an Unconditional 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, simply return the bottles for a full refund of your product purchase. No questions asked!

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* Results May vary. No guarantee of specific results.

Fast Relief From Fissure Symptoms

People searching for an anal fissure medicine are left with few options besides prescriptions or surgery. There may not be a cure for anal fissures, but addressing fissure symptoms at home is actually simple.*

Some Tips For Discomfort and Fissure Pain Relief

Long term prevention and treatment for anal fissures should include keeping bowel movements soft by changing to a high fiber diet with plenty of water hydration. Protect the anal canal by lubricating it before each bowel movement and use a gentle fragrance-free baby wipe afterwards.

Discomfort can be relieved by applying ice packs to the area or sitting in a bowl of warm water several times a day to soothe and relax the painful fissure. H-Fissures Formula can be used as soon as symptoms appear. Also see our hemorrhoids product.*

Safe and Effective For:

  • Anal Fissures that occur around the anus and can be painful or unpleasant.*
  • Pregnancy fissures that have not healed naturally after pregnancy and breastfeeding.*

What Is A Fissure?

A Fissure is simply a crack, similar to a tear or fissure at the corner of your mouth that may occur in very cold weather or when you yawn too enthusiastically. But what are anal fissures?

An anal fissure is a lesser known condition even though many do experience fissures. An anal fissure is just such a tear or cut in the lining of the anus. The anus is at the end of the final part of the rectum known as the anal canal, forming the opening to the outside of the body.

There are not many home remedies for fissures, and most natural ointments are simply not effective enough. Our natural formula for anal fissures symptoms is a safe, effective, economical alternative.

What Causes Anal Fissures?

A tear or fissure can often be the result of constipation or when you pass hard or large stools during a bowel movement. However, severe diarrhea, inflammation, pregnancy, childbirth or the abuse of laxatives can also be responsible. The anus becomes dry and irritated or is under enormous pressure during such times. An anal fissure typically causes pain and bleeding with bowel movements.

Fissures can be very painful, particularly during and for several minutes after a bowel movement. This is because the area contains a large number of somatic sensory nerves that makes it sensitive to pain, temperature and touch. Consult your doctor for a diagnosis.

Anal fissures are more likely to affect people in middle age but they are also a common cause of rectal bleeding in infants and very young children. This can be difficult for children because they sense that having a bowel movement will be very painful and they try to put it off, causing other intestinal complications.

Anal Fissures and Pregnancy

Fissures are common in pregnancy and during childbirth because the strain of pushing can cause trauma to the anus and the anal canal. Even the insertion of a foreign body such as a rectal thermometer or enema tip can result in a fissure. H-Fissures Formula may be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Please consult your physician before using

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I see results?

The process varies from person to person. The majority of people who use our products experience quick relief of symptoms. The overall process can take as little as 2 - 6 weeks. Please be patient and be consistent with applications.*

It is important to apply three times a day without missing applications.

How do I apply the product?

Place a few drops on your fingers to apply topically. The easiest way to apply would be as follows: allow one drop to fall onto your finger, gently apply and repeat with another drop. Repeat this process three times a day.

How many bottles of formula will I need?

The entire process can take 2 to 6 weeks. One 11ml size bottle of H-Fissures Formula is sufficient for 3-4 weeks of application. If there is still discomfort after 3 weeks, you will require a second bottle, or you can save 23% on our large 33ml size bottle.*

Fissures may recur, many of our customers keep a bottle handy in order to use the formula immediately when the symptoms appear.*

Do I need to change my diet?

Increase your raw fruit and vegetables intake during the program. It is also advisable to eliminate dairy, wheat and sugar. Drink lots of water and consume natural yogurt. (yogurt is not classified as dairy, the molecular structure has changed)

What about hemorrhoids?

We have a specially formulated product called H-Hemorrhoids Formula. If you have fissures and hemorrhoids, use H-Fissures Formula first, followed by H-Hemorrhoids Formula.*

Introducing H-Fissures Formula

  • Breakthrough FDA listed topical homeopathic product*
  • Gentle and very easy to apply. Provides quick relief from pain and discomfort*
  • Manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Practices in a certified GMP facility*
  • Shipped Discreetly in plain packaging. Your privacy is secure.*

Purchase With Confidence

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • 100% natural and gentle on the skin
  • Over 750,000 products sold since 2001
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

How Does It Work?

The homeopathic ingredients in H-Fissures Formula have been carefully selected to counteract the uncomfortable symptoms of fissures. For example Chamomilla assists with painful fissures and Calendula officinalis is a remarkable healing agent.*

H-Fissures Formula contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial constituents. When used as directed, it will help reduce swelling associated with anal fissures. In addition, the analgesic component in the formula helps to alleviate the extreme pain that often accompanies anal fissures so that you can once again have a bowel movement without any discomfort or fear of pain.*

How Do I Use It?

H-Fissures Formula is applied topically to the condition. Simply use a cotton swab or your finger to apply directly to the fissure. Our unique formula begins to work immediately. Please follow the instructions included with your product.*

Our anal fissure formula is concentrated, so only a few drops are necessary. This product is applied topically and cannot be ingested. We suggest you consult your doctor before using if you are pregnant or nursing or for children under 4 years of age.*

How Long does It Take To Work?

You will typically experience fast relief from pain, irritation, burning and soreness of the anus associated with anal fissures. The entire process varies from person to person, depending on the severity of the condition.*

The product is formulated to work within a short period of time. Typically, this takes a week or two (a little longer for severe cases). Because this product is all natural, it works gently and painlessly.*

* Results May vary. No guarantee of specific results.

What Are The Ingredients?

Active Ingredients:
Calendula officinalis 12C, Chamomilla 6C

Inactive Ingredients:
Corylus avellana nut oil, Essential Oil Blend (Helichrysum italicum flower, Lavandula officinalis flower bud, Matricaria recutita flower)

The homeopathic constituents in H-Fissures Formula are manufactured according to the specifications in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) and are monographed for use as homeopathic ingredients.

**Product Uses are based on Homeopathic Materia Medica. These 'Uses' have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product has not been clinically tested by Healing Natural Oils LLC.**

What Are People Saying?

“Only product I found that works after 7 years of suffering with Fissures... Prescription meds are worthless they just seemed to make matters worse... This oil really does work I was a little Leary ordering this product because there are so many scams on the internet... I will say you do have to use it 3 times as recommended or more but you will have relief fast... Thank you love it!”


  • Ari -

    This stuff is a miracle - I’ve been struggling with chronic fissures for a few months and it’s been awful. This product really has helped me heal (along with avoiding dairy and gluten).

    * - Ari
  • Marie - Pasadena, CA

    I don't normally go out of my way to write reviews online but for this, I felt compelled to do so. My anal fissure was one of the worst. I cannot even begin to explain or describe the extreme pain that I was in every day. I found this product through browsing the Internet and decided, after reading some of the reviews, to try it out. I was in need of immediate healing and wanted to try a more Holistic approach. My product arrived in the mail promptly as stated and after just one night of use, I could already tell that my condition had improved. The excruciating pain that I felt during a bowel movement had subsided. Of course, I also now follow a strict regime of eating more healthy foods and I try to drink as much water as I can. I would not know what to do without this 'miraculous' oil. The small bottle that I ordered saved my life. I just ordered my second bottle to help maintain and further improve my healing process. Thank you so much!

    * - Marie
  • Kent K. - Bristol Wisconsin

    I have applied the oil and yes it takes away some of the burning associated with fissures but not completed

    * - Kent
  • Brandi -

    I can’t even put into words just how much this fissure oil helped me! After having my baby, I had a fissure and it felt like a knife when I would go to the bathroom, so much so that I was nearly in tears. My doc said to use a stool softener until it healed, and 5 months later I went off the stool softener for 2 days and the exact pain was still there. Desperately searching the internet for something that would help so I wasn’t on a stool softener the rest of my life, I came across an article that mentioned this and decided I may as well try. About 2-3 days into using this oil, I went off the stool softener and I had absolutely no pain. and about a month and a half or so later, i am completely pain free still and haven’t needed to use the softeners since. And I only use the oil 1, max 2 times a day now, simply for maintenance, not because there’s any pain. If you are in pain, do NOT hesitate to get this oil!

    * - Brandi
  • Shirley S. - Australia

    This fissure oil saved my life!! I had had the fissure for about a year and at first the doctors didnt tell me it was a fissue and after trying 3 different types of medication my doctor was ready to book me in for an operation to stretch my anus!! No way I thought am I going down that track. I googled 'natural remedy for anal fissure' and this oil came up. I was a bit sceptical at first and then thought oh well I have nothing to loose so make the mistake of ordering a small bottle. Should have gone for the big one as I only needed a small amount to clear it up completely. It was my bottle of gold! At first I didnt follow the instructions to the letter, but as soon as I did I noticed the difference. It has completely healed up and I am celebrating!

    * - Shirley
  • Oliver M. - Oakland, CA

    The H-Fissures formula works as advertised. I was suffering for 2 years with an anal fissure. I was using cortisone foam and it wasn't working. It just seemed to make it worse. The oil started to make a difference right away. After a week, the itchiness and rawness was gone. Thank you for offering this product.

    * - Oliver
  • Terry W. - Australia

    Whilst suffering from an anal fissure & trying local products which appeared to do nothing, I decided out of desperation to search online. I then found your website. I chose to try your product as a last resort, believing that if it didn't work I was just going to have to suffer. 'Great News' - it gave me immediate relief form the 1st application. Thank you for your prompt service and excellent product. I will certainly be spreading the word for you. God's Blessings Always, Grateful Terry, from Australia. :-)

    * - Terry
  • Evonne - Bedfordshire, UK

    This stuff us AMAZING!! I've had two very painful fissures for the past year or so and dreaded having to go to the toilet. The thought of steroid creams or surgery wasn't appealing so I just put up with it until I stumbled on this website. I'm always much more inclined to try the natural method and after reading everyone's reviews (thank you all) I figured I only had

    * - Evonne
  • Merry W. - Fremont, CA

    I was very shocked when I first experienced anal fissures. I had no idea what it was until the doctor diagnosed me. And they were so painful. My doctor explained that they are often caused by having to pass an extra large stool or because of constipation. I used your product and within a day or two, the pain was considerably less. Now it is 3 weeks later and I have no fissures and no pain. I feel so much better. I am so pleased with the result - thank you!.

    * - Merry
  • S. T. - Seattle, WA

    AMAZING PRODUCT! After struggling with fissures from weeks 5-14 postpartum I finally found this H-Fissures Formula and am so glad I did. I had tried sitz baths, other essential oils, and a calendula/zinc formula all while taking stool softeners but still felt nauseous or like I could pass out any second when going. After 3 days of use I no longer had the feeling of "splitting open" but was still a little sore afterwards. I'm at a little over a week now and feel pretty much back to normal.
    Thank you for creating and sharing a product that has helped me live my life again!

    * - S.
  • B. - Brisbane, Australia

    Hi there people, I just wanted to give absolute praise to your H Fissure oil which I recently purchased. Just wanted to say that your product was the last thing I was going to try out on my excrutiating fissure before I opted for surgery..Just got to let u know that I experienced almost immediate relieve and I am totally in love with the H Fissure oil and only after using it for 48 hours, I have no pain at all !! WHAT A RELIEF ! i 100% endorse your marvellous product and will recommend it to any one who dares to talk about the terrible pain associated with fissures! So, once again, words are not enough to thankyou for that liquid gold ! All the best guys and thank you

    * - K
  • Spappy - Summerville, SC

    I was pleasantly surprised that this worked. I had been suffering for over a year, been to 3 different doctors, tried different suppositories, creams and sitz baths. I used one entire bottle of this and I haven't had any more issues. I'm still surprised. I bought another new bottle just in case my issues came back and they still have not. I have been pain free for 3 months. I used the first bottle every day. Every morning, every night and sometimes in the afternoon. Seriously amazed!

    * - spappy
  • Ken - Pleasant Hill, CA

    I had two chronic fissures, one for nearly a full year. I had tried everything even prescriptions, nothing seemed to work or the products would work for only a period of time. It got to the point where I could not sit still from the itching and discomfort. I finally coughed up the $30 for h-fissure...and am I ever so glad I did. I applied much more liberally than directed and I have done a pain, bleeding,'s all gone. Some say it does not works the key is persistence with the product! (this is not a plug...a trully satisfied customer is all!)

    * - Ken
  • Alex - Philadelphia PA

    I wanna thank God first and foremost for having directed me to this company via YouTube. I was in severe pain when I ordered this product. I have been using it 3 times a day for the last few weeks and my pain has significantly gotten better. Your company is a God send. Thank you so much for this quality product! I will most definitely continue to do business with you in the very near future. Anybody out there with an anal fissure I highly recommend this product because it does work. I will be spreading the word! Once again thank you and continue to be the great company that you are.

    * - Alex
  • Anonymous - Toronto, Ontario

    Great product! It definitely heals up the wound quite nicely! It worked beautifully! Will order again in the future!

    * - Anonymous
  • Misty - Fairmont, Wv

    This product has been an absolute life saver!! I developed a fissure due to some side effects of a certain medication. I have had months of atrocious pain that would last for hours after using the restroom. I have spent alot of money on Otc creams and ointments that claim to help with no success. I would and have recommended this product to others bc the relief I experienced from the first application was and has been amazing! It is important that you also change your diet to add fiber and plenty of water. I also added a good probiotic and have been pain free life again. Thank you for this product, it has truly been a life saver!!!

    * - Misty
  • Phillip - Essex, UK

    Thanks for this great product I am now pain free thanks very much I am so happy

    * - Phillip
  • Vivian -

    I was prescribed 3 different medications by 3 different doctors. None of them made much of a difference. H-Fissures has. I've been using it for a month and I'm doing much better now.

    * - Vivian
  • Ginny - Dumont

    Took some time but it did work. Customer service was great

    * - Ginny
  • Stephanie -

    I have had a chronic fissure for over a year and a half. I have tried 2 prescription medicines that had no lasting result. Within 2 days of using the H-Fissure Formula I felt relief. I used the H-Fissure Formula as directed (3 times a day) for 6 weeks and have been using it twice a day for a week now. I am amazed and so happy with the results. I feel like using it twice a day will maintain the healing that has taken place. I did not want surgery and the potential side affects associated with that, not to mention the cost! I was at my "wits end" until I found this product. I can't say enough good things about it. I highly recommend it!

    * - Stephanie
  • Joyce L. - australia

    took away the pain

    * - joyce
  • S. - Manchester - Uinted Kingdom

    This is a fantastic product and I have using it for years. This is truly a life saving product.
    Doctor had tried all sorts of medicine and creams and also discussed operation with me but due to my age they did not wanted to do the opreation.
    One day my husband called me said he has seen some oil on the Internet from US and reviews are very good and I was like yes let's try as I was so much want to have a pain free life.
    I tried the oil and it had amazing results, I will recommend this oil gets 100 out of 100.

    * - A

    OMG!THIS product saved my life. Completely healed In just one week after suffering for 2 months after vaginal delivery.i went through hell every time I had a bowel movement.SAW THIS PRODUCT ONLINE AS I DESPERATELY SEARCHED FOR INFO.

    * - anne
  • Joyce M. - Florida

    My fissure was chronic. It was not healing no matter what the doctors prescribed. The specialist I went to said I would probably need surgery. I was really stressed out and in so much pain but I knew I couldn't do surgery. I kept praying that God would heal me......and I believe that your product was an answer to prayer! I got on the internet and started looking at natural products and found yours. I read the reviews and ordered it. I ordered it on a Friday and had it by Monday. Within a couple of days of use the pain had decreased significantly. I couldn't believe it. After a week I could go to the bathroom and feel almost normal. It's been 3 weeks now and I'm about 90% healed. I feel God is healing me through your product and I am sooo grateful. I can't believe that a doctor would recommend surgery rather than recommend products like yours. What is wrong with our medical profession? Thank you for caring about people and making natural products that work!

    * - Joyce
  • Bryan M. - Florida

    My second purchase of this item. I am still amazed at how well this works with Fissures. It works very fast and stops all pain along with shrinking it at the surface.

    * - Bryan
  • KG - Sydney, NSW

    After months of pain I have finally found something that is helping. Hasn't completely healed yet but is getting there.

    * - KG
  • Carol - Penn Twp,Pa

    This product has been amazing at healing a chronic fissure. I was literally weeks away from having Botox injections to deal with a
    Fissure that would repeatedly improve and then come back often worse. I was in so much pain I could barely sit at times. I try steroid creams and nitroglycerin creams but it kept
    Coming back. I also took stool softeners and fiber. This product is the only thing that worked for me. I would use hemorrhoid wipes and then out this on and within a week I was healed. I have continued this for 3
    Months now and no recurrence. I highly recommend using this at the first sign of a fissure so that it doesn’t get bad like mine did.

    * - Carol
  • Brittany - Flint, MI

    Fissures that normally would take weeks to heal now only take a few days. Instant comfort and quick healing. The best product I've ever used!

    * - Brittany
  • Joshua R. - Raleigh, NC

    Amazing! Been seeing a doctor for over 2 years with minimal results and short-lived relief. This product has helped a lot!

    * - Joshua
  • Caitlin -

    After childbirth I suffered from an anal fissure. It was one of the most-if not the most-painful things I've ever dealt with. I tried this oil on a whim and decided to make my own suppositories with coconut oil and this product. Miraculously, my fissure healed. I also used a heating pad after using the toilet and drank a TON of water. But I truly believe this product in conjunction with that helped heal me for good.

    * - Caitlin
  • Leslie Z. - Chicago, IL

    This stuff is amazing! I have suffered for years with fissures. I have been to two different doctors, tried stool softeners, increasing my fiber, used prescription ointment, stronger prescription ointment, and various home remedies, only to continue suffering. My fissures we're so bad it felt like razor blades we're cutting me when I'd have a bowel movement. Anything I'd use would give me no relief or a day or two of a little less discomfort before the pain would return. I even had Botox injections to try to help. The doctor suggested pelvic floor physical therapy (no thanks!) or the next step would be surgically cutting the tissue and potentially having anal incontinence. I was honestly at my wit's end, thinking I may have to live for 30 or 40 more years with this pain. Then I saw the H-fissures formula and figured I had nothing to lose. I have pain free bowel movements now, even when I occasionally strain to go. I don't have itching or any discomfort whatsoever. It took several weeks for complete relief, and if your fissures are big then it might take more than one bottle, but it is well worth it! Sorry for tmi, but make sure you put it in far enough to get the whole fissure. I found I had to feel around a bit to make sure the oil went everywhere it needed to go. Gross description, embarrassing topic, but if this review helps even one person get relief then I'm really glad I wrote it. This company has a 90 day money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose? I was ready to return it, if need be, but ordered a second bottle and am going to tackle the skin tags and hemerhoids that have contributed to the problem. Hoping and expecting those work just as good. Great product and I highly recommend it!

    * - Leslie
  • Carlyn - Corpus Christi

    I tend to be skeptic when it comes to some homeopathic healing aids. However since investing in Healing Oils I am convinced these oils are great. I use several of the oils sold by Healing Oils and are very pleased with their fast healing. I would recommend all Healing Oils 100%. Great products

    * - Carlyn
  • Ali -

    This oil is not a miracle worker. However, it is soothing and I believe it has helped my recovery time from a flare up become much shorter than before. You still need to make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating a high fibre diet. If you get constipated the oil will not be able to save you. If you can afford the 33ml oil, it is 1000x more comfortable than the thick creams and ointments the doctors will prescribe. Not to mention the peace of mind it gives you knowing that you are using an all natural product.

    * - Ali
  • Anthony -

    This is the real deal. I've been given prescription and over the counter cortizone creams and tried remedies like coconut oil, but little ever helped. H-fissures formula does the job. Not only did I have a painful fissure, but a very irritating rash caused by it as well. The relief was almost instant with the H-fissure formula. I am very happy with this product.

    * - Anthony
  • Don - Seattle, WA

    This is only thing that looked like to be working. Doctors take too much money.

    * - Don
  • Marcella - Granada Hills Ca

    I had a problem with awful itchiness, some bleeding and pain with defecation.My Primary MD misdiagnosed it. She sent me to a GYN who did the same. Never diagnosed it as a rectal fissure but seeing pictures on the internet and matching the cause and symptoms I realized that's what it was. I tried everything, from Aloe Vera, to special creams and nothing worked, except for the H-Fissure; it took several days before I experienced complete relief. It is so wonderful not to have the discomfort that lasted almost one year until I heard about it. Thank you so much for this great product!

    * - Marcella
  • Nicole - Salt Lake City, UT

    I had fissures (internal rectum tears) for a couple months. Once the pain got unbearable, I went to a specialist for evaluation/treatment. This specialist had been practicing for 30+ years. After evaluation and prescription compound medicated cream, the fissures did not heal and I was left to having to schedule surgery. The surgery, as explained by my obgyn, is one of the most painful surgeries there is. In a last ditch effort, I did A LOT of research to see what I could try to heal these fissures before having to go through surgery. I purchased this oil, used as directed and my fissures healed. As a note, I also used organic, virgin, cold pressed coconut oil in conjunction with this fissures oil. I am very weary of "this is a miracle" claims on any product, but this was my miracle! I'm so grateful I found this and prevented a painful, expensive surgery!!!!

    * - Nicole
  • Kelli - Roanoke, Va

    I was skeptical. I was also desperate for anything that would heal the daily constant pain of the fissure that I had for 3 months. I thought I had hemroids but finally saw a doctor who said it was a fissure. He prescribed the usual nitroglycerin nephedipine paste. It helped but I was still looking for relief! This oil works! Highly recommended. Also remember TIME to heal (6-8 weeks with no hard bowel movements). Take a big gulp of mineral oil 2 x a day. Colorless , oderless, and tasteless but oily consistently is bothersome.

    * - Kelli
  • Lotte - Denmark

    I have used h-fissures oil for about 3 weeks. (used diltiazemhydroclorid for a long periode before that)
    I'm sure the oil is helping me a lot better. The fissure is not completly healed yet, but I'm on my may, and I feel better now than the past 6 months. I Will give 5 * when Its healed.

    * - Lotte
  • Francoise T. - Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada

    H-Fissures is the best for my painful Anal Fissure. When nothing else worked, it soothed and healed my
    anal fissure within days. Last time I ordered H-Fissures formula, it was Back-Order. So Amoils offered me
    another product free of charge while I was waiting to get it. They have a very good client service.

    * - Francoise
  • Sina -

    Not finished using it yet but right now I feel much better , recommended

    * - Sina
  • Saadu B. - Dover, New Jersey

    This oil was God sent.... my fissures gone after applying it twice a day for two weeks

    * - Saadu
  • Patricia S. -

    I find it has helped and I am ordering more

    * - Patricia
  • Jerri - Los Angeles,CA

    The best thing ever!!!! Had 3 fissures and almost healed in about 3 weeks using the oil. I also had the surgery. Will continue using after fissures completely heal!

    * - Jerri
  • Kerry S. - Minot ND

    I ordered the oil for my grandson because he has has anal fissures for over a year and we were told he should have surgery and I purchased the oil and in less than 3 weeks it is almost gone. He had a hole the size of an eraser and now a tiny tiny pin hole in just a few weeks. I was so amazed that will order the other oils if the need be. We would highly recommend this oil before you do any surgery. Thank you so much!!!!!

    * - Kerry
  • Lynn T. - Surrey, BC

    I tried a number of products, and eventually had to do soaks every day. If I missed the soak for more than 2 days, the fissure returned. This was a real problem if I traveled. I have now been using this product for more than 2 years. No soaks, no fissures. The product is travel size and no problem on airplanes.

    * - Lynn
  • Tobias S. - Naples Fl

    So far its too good to be true, after 5 years of my painful fissure flaring up on a regular basis it now seems to be completely healed! Im stunned. No doctor recommended this product only surgery.
    Im soo happy ????

    * - Tobias
  • Helen E. - Israel

    Good product - helps

    * - Helen
  • Carey - Long Beach, CA

    This product works GREAT! I was in so much pain I almost called 911 a few times a week until my wife found this product. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone.

    The bottle needs MAJOR rework though. The dropper insert does not work well at all because it is a glass bottle and you cannot squeeze it. And the cap leaks!!!! Because I have to apply it 3 times a day to help with the pain I take it everywhere with me. I have lost about 1/3rd of this expensive product because of the leaking cap.

    * - Carey
  • Nola B. - Ste-Anne de Madawaska Canada

    It went well when I started to use it 3 weeks ago. The pain associated with anal fissure was gone but for some reason that I can't figure out, about 4 days ago the pain came back even though I' m still following the same procedure as mention.
    I'm still using the product and hope that everything will come back to normal.

    * - Nola
  • Steve D. - amelia virginia

    my doctor told me she had done all she could do barring surgery-- within two days this product turned an unbearably painful situation into something totally managable

    * - steve
  • Virginia P. - Lexington

    When nothing else has worked this seems to calm my fissure. This will be my 4th bottle. I always want it on hand as I never know when it will flare up.

    * - Virginia
  • Kishore - KADAPA

    VERY GOOD ...

    * - KISHORE
  • Wendy C. - Woodbridge, VA

    Love this stuff, so much more effective than the cream the Dr. gave me.

    * - Wendy
  • A - UK

    I was facing painful surgery and had already taken time off work. I was desperate and randomly came across a recommendation for this. I was completely dubious but had nothing to lose. Shipped it over from the US and 2 years of hell started to end within a couple of weeks. Gradually my life got back to normal and I put it all down to this oil. I still get occassional pain from straining or exercise but a finger tip of this oil on for a few days soon alleviates that.
    I've bought 3 bottles in total over a 2 year period. The first cured me, the second I'm about half way through and the 3rd is spare. It may not work for you but it's definitely worth a try.

    * - A
  • Katie - Hillsboro OR

    I ordered this oil thinking that it was just another thing I was going to use, but it actually helped in the process of healing my fissure. I am still using it and brings great relief! Recommend!

    * - Katie
  • Bryan M. - Ocala, FL

    I was skeptical especially when it comes anything to help with Fissures. THIS IS AMAZING and it really works and fast at that. I have since ordered other product oils as well and they WORK as well this is truly a God send for me. Thank you.

    * - Bryan
  • Tom - Sacramento, California

    For nearly two years I have suffered from a fissure. The pain at times became so intense that it affected everyday activities, including my ability to work and travel. I would dread the thought of having to sit on even a short flight, much less a flight several lasting hours. So I would often cancel or simply not even make plans. Same for long drives. I had even canceled sales presentations, knowing I would not be able to concentrate while sitting with a group of people. I would often wake in early hours of the morning, jolted with the burning and stinging.

    Nothing worked, in spite of diligent, concentrated efforts to find something, anything, that would provide even a moment of relief. I had resigned myself to the acceptance that this pain and all of its associated downsides would be the new-normal and I would be forced to confront constant agony for the rest of my life.

    My shipment of H Fissure Oil arrived at my house 3 days ago. I have been applying it as directed. I did not expect immediate relief because the instructions do say that the treatment could last as long as 6-weeks. Well, I can enthusiastically say that, for the first time in 2 years, I am sitting here typing this review virtually pain-free. Yesterday evening, I enjoyed an entire 2-hour meal at a restaurant with my family, as well as the ride home, before it finally occurred to me that I had been fully engaged with everyone the entire time; not the usual shifting and grimacing with pain, detached from the conversation.

    It's Sunday morning and I am actually looking forward to my Monday workday! It is no exaggeration to say, this changes EVERYTHING!

    * - Tom
  • Mayuri - Beaverton, OR

    Great Product

    * - Mayuri
  • Robert H. - defiance ohio

    this a great product it diffidently helps with the pain

    * - Robert
  • Kristin - Norway

    I've got my oil when my fissure were gone. But had still mayor pais in my rectum muscle. Think is made a diffrense.

    * - Kristin
  • A.A.R.B - Independence, Missouri

    The moment I dabbed some of the ointment onto my fissure it stopped hurting. Loved that I could finally be relaxed and no longer in pain.

    * - A.A.R.B
  • Kristi - Sweden

    Its the best oil ever! It helps

    * - Kristi
  • Ginny R. - Three Rivers, MI

    My husband is using it to heal but say he can't say it's helping or not. Darn thing has been with him since May 30, 2016. Been to doctors been on antibotics etc. So now he's giving this a try. Will probably order another bottle & see how itg goes. Nothing ventured nothing gained or so they say

    * - Ginny
  • Beverly H. - Columbia, MO

    H-Fissures formula took away the sting in just 2 days. Finally, some relief.

    * - Beverly
  • Jeremy - Murrays Beach Australia

    This product is just awesome. Having had discomfort for well over a year and having tried ALL the chemist ointments and potions and coconut oil, olive oil, comfrey and more, this stuff fixed me up in ONE WEEK and I used about 1/10 of the bottle. I really thought I was going to have this affliction for life. Can't thank you guys enough. Do you guys want a distributor in Australia??? I am totally impressed and obviously a believer!! Thank You.

    * - Jeremy
  • Yasemin - Melbourne, Victoria

    I have had a fissure for 10years and after surgery it still plays up occasionally. The specialist was considering another surgery after a recent lapse.
    I've been using this oil for a month and I'm pleasantly surprised that the symptoms have subsided and I feel great.
    Highly recommend this product!!
    Must add that customer service and follow up is amazing!!

    * - Yasemin
  • Roger A. - Tucson, Arizona

    Great product I highly recommend. I have been using this product for the last 2 years and this stuff works for me. Take a few days for myself to see a difference but I can tell you this stuff has really help me.

    * - ROGER
  • Jitu P. - CA

    It’s work slowly
    I take one month,it’s improve slowly
    How long I need to take

    * - Jitu
  • Jerry S. - Cambridge wi

    I am pleased but like many I expected to much too fast. I have learned that patiently following your program is bringing relief and I will continue to always have your product on hand. thank you.

    * - jerry
  • Farozan - Toronto, Canada

    Excellent product. Must keep one in stock all the time.

    * - Farozan
  • Sina - Milan

    Was working really good but it finished soon , now ordering a new one bigger , but its so expensive , wish there was more discount for old customers

    * - Sina
  • Sarah - Lodi, NJ

    After battling hemroids and anal fissures for over 2 years I was so tired and depressed from the constant pain. I had a surgery that was supposed to help me but even post surgery and a huge diet change I was still having issues. Out of desperation and the positive reviews on this site, I gave this oil a try. At first I used it alone on qtip but then someone recommended I place a drop of this on the camol 9 suppositories I was using to help stop the fissures. From that moment on my life changed and I started healing. I am so greatful for this product that I even bought the hemroid incase of emergency. I was using a medicine from my dr and it did not help quite like this. Thank you healing natural oils for making a product that saved my life.

    * - Sarah
  • Cathy C. - north logan utah

    I felt this was a very good product

    * - cathy
  • Judy D. - Verona, PA

    All I can say is that this product is remarkable for fissures. Was amazed how fast it worked.

    * - Judy
  • Alon - Israel

    Hello, I purchased the 11ml bottle after haveing a chronic fissure. It helped and yet when it hurts I use it and it gives a big relief.

    * - Alon
  • Dave - Brooklyn, NY

    Early this year i had a very bad fissure. A proctologist prescribed me cream, went away for awhile, came right back! Trying the cream once more he told me if it comes back again i'll have to have surgery. Sure enough it came back! Seeing blood again i panicked and cried in agony because i knew there was no more avoiding having to pay $1000 surgery bill and all else that comes with it. So i searched 'natural remedies for anal fissures' and found this. It's expensive, but 10x cheaper than surgery. This oil combined with coconut oil, and more fiber intake my fissures are finally under control! I am so glad i found this stuff! I recommend using alot of coconut oil before and after you go, always use moist wipes, and this oil only after. Don't use too much cause it will irritate the area. Use your finger it's more effective cause you can rub it in well. I know it may not sound pleasant to stick your finger in there... Unless you like to finger yourself you'll enjoy doing it then hahaha

    * - Dave
  • Mark - Nebraska

    I am amazed how well this is working. I have battled the issue for years and this product has resolved my problem. Plan to try additional products soon!

    * - Mark
  • Katy B. - Sisters, OR

    This product is excellent; very healing.

    * - Katy
  • Ellen P. - Brisbane Australia

    This product has given me so much relief I don't want to ever be without it.

    * - ellen
  • Jessica - Singapore

    It reduces my pain in within a week .

    * - Jessica
  • Tara D. - Brooklyn,NY

    Great product. I am about to order some more.

    * - Tara
  • Linda H. - Friendswood, Texas

    Wonderful product and helpful and kind customer service!

    * - Linda
  • Bernadette A. - Lodi ca

    This product was the only product after trying several over a 4 mos period that healed my fissure. Absolutely amazing.

    * - Bernadette
  • Reyhan - Sacramento CA

    It’s really helpful

    * - Reyhan
  • Katie - New Orleans, LA

    I had to come here to sing my praises to this product! Wow! I have been suffering from chronic fissures since August (it's now December). Nothing that I tried worked. I was getting desperate and even looked for a doctor. I had read that in the case of chronic fissures, docs usually suggest surgery and the thought of that was terrifying. I started googling natural remedies and found a blog post raving about this oil. I figured it was worth a shot and I am SO happy I got it. It's been 4-5 days and my pain has gone from a 10/10 to a 2/10. I use this 3-5x a day depending on the day, along with sitz baths and stool softeners. I think by next week I will be pain free. Everyone who has fissures needs to try this! I am sooo thankful to the company that makes this. Thank you thank you!

    * - Katie
  • Jared - Massachusetts

    Amazing! Dealt with fissure and prescription creams for over 8 months! After only a week using this oil alone i am well on my way to back to normal. Cant say enough good things about this oil.

    * - Jared
  • Michael R. - Elkhart, Indiana

    Totally amazing product! Was skeptical at first, but tried it and to my surprise, it worked just as stated and more! Would buy again and again.

    * - Michael
  • L D. - California

    I was very surprised how well this worked! I had tried so many creams but this is the first product that actually works!

    * - L
  • Anna - HAMILTON

    Excellent product! This works unlike any other remedy.

    * - ANNA
  • Samuel - Melbourne, Australia

    This is the real deal. Absolutely worked. It's just been two months now that I have been using this oil but from day two it started to work. This product is a blessing. It also smells good. Just a drop is all that's needed . The shipping and service is super fast. Thank you for these products now I don't have to stress about other medical procedures. Thank you again

    * - Samuel
  • Dave -

    Horrible fissure here, many years old. Asking a miracle for something to actually make/allow the body to heal itself after all this time. Have tried everything (practically), with devastatingly low results of any kind of relief; itching is worst symptom, which continually reopens the perpetual injury. However, this new product is "nearly" a miracle! No, the many years old fissure has not healed--I don't know if that is ever physiologically possible without surgery--but the itching has been reduced by 90%, which is over the top amazing! Reduced itching obviously equates to much reduces inflammation, and that in turn results in a situation where the body has a powerful fighting chance to holistically heal itself. So, I'm not "healed", but this stuff is the best of the best in my opinion! Highly recommended!

    * - Dave
  • Vilma R. - Monroe, GA

    I started many years ago with your hemorroids oil, it help me so much, I’m very grateful, I don’t suffer anymore. Then I used for my arthritis, sleep, al of them helped to my husband and me. Thanks you for your good products.

    * - Vilma
  • Robert H. - defiance ohio

    this stuff really works

    * - robert
  • Cheryl - Louisa, VA

    This stuff is awesome!! I felt a difference after the first use. I have used everything and suffered with a fissure for 14 years now. I have NEVER gotten the relief that I have gotten with this oil. I'm in my 3rd week of using it. It really is a God send!!! Thank you!!!

    * - Cheryl
  • Sean - Auburn, Washington

    Helped to temporarily Sooth the pain and discomfort but did not heal my fissure.

    * - Sean
  • Linda H. - Friendswood, Texas

    So very helpful!

    * - Linda
  • Lu S. - Homewood, AL

    This product works. My doctor was amazed at the results after I used this product as directed for a month.

    * - Lu
  • Ali -

    Good one

    * - Ali
  • Michelle - Colorado Springs, CO

    I love this stuff. I have had fissures for years and this is the only thing that actually gives me relief and healing for months at a time. When used as directed I am finally free from pain. I highly suggest using it if you suffer from fissure pain.

    * - Michelle
  • Rebecca - Aberdeen, SD

    I have crohn's disease and have been dealing with fissures for several years now. I have tried everything, from nitroglycerin cream, to sitz baths, to Preparation-H. My fissures just kept getting worse. This is the ONLY thing that helps. If I use it regularly, I don't even know they're there. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

    * - Rebecca
  • Robert H. - defiance ohio

    this stuff works it helps with the pain makes it easier to get through your day

    * - Robert
  • Trong - Toronto

    I just use 2 week now much better

    * - Trong
  • S.Kant -

    This worked as a miracle to me. I used it continuously for 8 weeks with conviction and my fissure was gone. I used some herbal laxative as well for soft stools. I recommend it to all fissure sufferers.

    * - S.Kant
  • Tina - Salem Mo

    Wasn’t sure if mine was a fissure or hemorrhoids or both! But the pain, Bleeding and discomfort was at level 12 . Our of desperation I did some research and came on the video and believe in natural remedies whenever possible! I was on day 8 if this issue when my bottle came! Noticed some relief in tenderness and pain almost immediately! Haven’t switched to the H Hemorrhoids oil yet , this is still helping me! Would recommend this !

    * - Tina
  • Eric - Iowa

    This product helped me extremely. I have been suffering from fissures for 2 years. But when i started using this products pain reduced significantly and I ordered second bottle hoping that it will heal me completely

    * - Eric
  • Paula B. - Knifley, Kentucky

    This has helped tremendously!!!!!

    * - Paula
  • Sandra - State Withheld

    THIS PRODUCT IS THE BEST HAD A FISSURE FOR ALMOST 7 months nothing help I startes using the oil and a good diet and is being a month cure. Just have a lot of fiber diet in the beginning.

    * - Sandra
  • Yolande S. - Lewisville Texas

    Very good product. Took about 3 to 4 weeks. Along with hot tube baths it speeds up your recovery!

    * - Yolande
  • Terry - new south wales australia

    I am pleased with the results

    * - terry
  • Violet T. - harpswell,maine

    this oil helped me through a pretty rough time...IT WORKED...I'd cry every time I needed to go to the bathroom...I was desperate and took a chance !! It paid off. I re-ordered just to make sure I always have it on hand...just as "an aside" The dr asked me all about it and how I applied it..I said with a toothpick....I MEANT with a cotton swab...regardless...IT WORKS!

    * - violet
  • User -

    Using it for 2 weeks. It didn't cure completely but giving relief if applied

    * - User
  • Nabindra - chicago,ill

    well first of thank you for quick deleivery but i used and i dont feel its help me to from fissuere so thus i stopped to used it now that so for me one star only..

    * - nabindra
  • Linda D. -

    I have been using H-Fissures for less than 30 days. I have been having a problem for at least 2 years. I gave the product a 4 star rating because my problem is getting better - much better than it was before using H-Fissures. It is not completely healed but once it is I will change my rating to 5 starts. It is important that you use this product at least 3X per day. So far its working.

    * - Linda
  • DW G. -

    Excellent product. Highly recommend.

    * - DW
  • Debbie - Cincinnati, OH

    Great product. Helped ease the pain with the first application and cleared up a very painful condition within 2 weeks. Would highly recommend this product!!

    * - Debbie
  • Christine - Geelong Victoria Australia

    Excellent product. I was sceptical but it really helped. Every cream from the chemist useless. Rectogesic gave me terrible migraines and vomiting. This is a miracle oil. Thank you.

    * - Christine
  • Tom - Marlton, NJ

    I'll make it simple. Nothing worked before I received the Fissure Oil. I was also fearful of surgery. With in two days the pain and blood stopped. I have no idea of I am totally healed (kind of hard to check on that) but it sure feels like it. Just to be safe, I am ordering more and will use regularly. Great Product !!!!!!

    * - Tom
  • Sue - Albuquerque, NM

    I've had a fissure my whole life. I never thought of treating it formally until I heard about this product. I was worried about getting dermatitis because I am allergic to most things when applied to my sensitive parts, and only use Dr. Bronner's baby soap or coconut oil for cleansing. I did have some mild itching higher up on my body like the top of my pubic area and chest, but it went away after a few days. No rash on my sensitive parts. I was impressed. And after less than a week of application, my fissure was mostly healed. I am going to keep using it for the recommended 3 weeks and have it on hand for the future. Greatly exceeds my expectations!

    * - Sue
  • Jeanette -

    Seems to work

    * - Jeanette
  • G.H. - Canada

    This product WORKS! After twelve weeks of another ointment I still was not completely healed. I was weary of purchasing this product, but as all fissure sufferers know you are desperate for healing and getting your life back on track. This is the best purchase I ever made, TRY IT ! They have a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. I will always have this product in my medicine cabinet. I have my life back thanks to this oil:)

    * - G.H.
  • Jess - Singapore

    It helps. My pain had lessened within a week and hopefully my fissure will be healed soon.

    * - Jess
  • Kashif S. - Gujranwala Punjab

    It is worked very good formula for healing fissure naturally.

    * - Kashif
  • Deb - Boyne City, MI

    The oil seems to be effective. I like the smell too.

    * - Deb
  • CP - Minneapolis, MN

    I concur with these other five star reviews. The ointment the doctor prescribed for me did nothing. This oil totally did the trick! I highly recommend it.

    * - CP
  • Penny -

    The product is effective and easy to use. The only thing which would improve it is a convenient method of applying it to internal fissures.

    * - Penny
  • Michelle - Australia

    This product saved me in a time of crisis. I was in agony, feeling everyday like I was passing glass, I was terrified of eating of going to the bathroom, of sitting at work for hours in total discomfort. I considered surgery. I cried all the time. The anxiety only made the problem worse. But worst of all, having a fissure is a problem that you can't really explain to colleagues or friends, even those closest to you don't really want to hear about it. People think it is disgusting and shameful, but really, I was just scared and alone, after 5 months of agony, I typed in these words "Anal fissure is ruining my life"into Google and I found this website. 2 years later, still using the oil and no pain. Every day is a blessing and I feel that going to the bathroom with no pain is something never to be taken for granted. Thank you for developing this product.

    * - Michelle
  • Derrick -

    I'll start by saying that this product does work. It isn't something that happens instantly, but each week there was less and less pain. After 4 weeks I am virtually pain free.

    * - Derrick
  • Patricia S. - Barbados i

    It has really helped as I was diagnosed with a fissure so I was glad to find it I don’t know in the long term so I am giving it 4stars so far

    * - Patricia
  • Laurie L. - Waimanalo, Hawai‘i

    Helps to provide quick healing and doesn’t irritate skin.

    * - Laurie
  • Steve D. - amelia virginia

    Second review submitted--saw immediate relief with 2nd application- turned an unbearably painful situation into an absolutely managable scenario- 2/3rds bottle gone, and no real pain- only a little with bowel movement --THANK YOU

    * - steve
  • Mini T. - henrico

    It is a good product

    * - Mini
  • Niamh B. - Uk

    Excellent, miracle oil

    * - Niamh
  • Deborah - Palm Beach,Fl

    This stuff is for real! I was dealing with a fissure for 4 years. So much pain, several different doctors. No one could cure it. Then I was about to go last to my last resort which was laser surgery and stumbled on this website! So I gave it a whirl! I used it as directed faithfully for four weeks. Amazing! Was not completely healed in that time but clearly on my way. I kept using this product for another month and was completely healed. It's been about 7 years now that I've had no issues! Thank you so much!

    * - Deborah
  • Gabriela - Argentina


    * - Gabriela
  • Lana - California

    Excellent product

    * - Lana
  • Rachael R. - Coppell, TX

    The product seems to be working. I'm pleased!

    * - Rachael
  • Eileen N. - Leeds, North Yorkshire, UK

    After seeing my poor husband suffering for months from a fissure, I sent for your oil. Thank goodness I did as he is now seeing improvement daily and is not writhing about in agony when sat down. He was supposed to go for surgery soon but is going to cancel it. Many thanks for this wonderful cure.

    * - Eileen
  • Mini T. - Henrico VA

    Good product

    * - Mini
  • Larry - Arkansas

    I just ordered I hope it works

    * - Larry
  • Chris D. - Haddenham, United Kingdom

    Thank heavens I found your website. I suffered for six months with flare up of hemorrhoids and annal fissures. The same thing happened last year but the doctor was not much help ie unpleasant ointment and visit to bored consultant. I tried all the over-the-counter creams and ointments. At best they provided temporary relief but usually left me feeling hot, sticky and event more uncomfortable. Toilet time was a misery. But within a couple weeks of using Heal Fissures and Heal Hemorrhoids things improved greatly. In no time everything healed and I could get on with my life. Brilliant result from brilliant products. Thank you a thousand times.

    * - Chris
  • Christopher D. - Long Beach, CA

    I work in a service industry so I cannot afford any downtime. I also tend to eat junk food on the run and this was causing problems with my bowel movements so much so that I was getting constipated and ended up with painful anal fissures.I ordered and received your product very quickly and I really needed it badly by the time it arrived. 2 weeks later and I am pain free!! I have also changed to healthier eating habits with lots of fiber.

    * - Christopher
  • Carla M. - mayport,pa

    ive only been using this for about 1 week and I do see a little improvement,its slow going but I do use it 3 times a day,every day,,,hoping for a much better out come...will keep you posted...

    * - carla
  • Ajay - Virginia

    It's effective

    * - Ajay
  • Reeves - West Palm Beach, FL

    This is the best product! I was really skeptical at first. I went to their website for months before I decided to order the product. I was diagnosed with a fissure. Incredibly painful, I did everything my doctor told me to do with no results. My doctor was the dept. head at a well known hospital. I increased my water and fiber intake, applied the medication multiple times a day, took baths multiple times a day, did everything they told me to do. Had a colonoscopy. Nothing worked. I don't think they realize just how painful they are. I would take pain pills everyday because advil wouldn't work. I did not want to have the surgery after reading what the success rate was and all the negative side effects. I was desperate. That's when I decided to try H-Fissures. I was amazed at the results and the quick results. After just a couple of days my pain was almost zero. These doctors get so caught up in prescribing meds and doing procedures that they lose sight of what could work. I was in pain for months! Now I'm skeptical of the doctors. This is the best product and it saved my life.

    * - Reeves
  • Linda H. - Friendswood, Texas

    Love the Fissures!

    * - Linda
  • Carrie - Denver, Colorado

    Amazing! I had a fissure for around 8 months with lots of pain. I tried doctor recommended creams and this oil was the only thing that cured it. I highly recommend!

    * - Carrie
  • Robert H. -

    This stuff actually relieves the pain it isn't gone but there is no more pain

    * - Robert
  • Robert H. - defiance ohio

    Has not cleared up my fissure but it helps I have no pain so that's a good thing

    * - Robert
  • Sona - bangalore, karnataka

    Hi all, I am very happy to write my review which I usually do not do. but I want to share my experience with u guys, this is one of the best and better product than what doctor prescribed for my fissure which I faced post my child birth. I suffered for three months, tried all treatment, ointment, lactifibre, dulphalac, diltiazem gel hmmm but thr was no use. And the pain which I suffered was horrible that whole day after my bm I was suffering pain due to which I could not carry my new born baby,can't sit finally got to know about this product and ordered it and reached me after 10 days and I used this u know I was surprised that very next day my pain reduced and it worked for me. As mentioned on bottle this is temporary pain relief but I wanted permanent solution for my problem. I was in need of this product very much that to At least to get relief of pain. By the time product reached me, I had already booked my sphinctertomy procedure. Now I am done with my procedure I am happy now and anal fissure wil not reoccur in future. This product should reach everyone who is facing the problem, so please promote this product it should reach people on time and when it is necessary, not at the last moment.

    * - Sona
  • Grace - Puerto rico

    Great product, really works. I will by more of your products

    * - Grace
  • Shawn M. - Grove City, Ohio

    Great Product! I applied the Formula and I have had no problems with anything. Since I have started using the H- Fissures Formula I notice that I fell better, I have experienced no discomfort and I feel that my fissure has healed. Awesome product , very very satisfied. Mentally having to worry about my problem has ceased, and I am calmer even in my mind. Great Product very very satisifed!!!

    * - Shawn
  • Andrew S. - Finland

    Seems to work somehow.

    * - Andrew
  • Linda H. - Texas

    Absolutely Love the product. Love Kayla that helps me on the phone. :)

    * - Linda
  • Cristina L. - San Francisco, California

    I was a bit hesitant getting this oil because of the cost, but after reading several of the reviews, I decided to give it a try. I’ve had really bad and uncomfortable(and painful) fissures for several months and I’ve tried many fissure oils and ointments. So far after a week of using this oil, my fissures have not only gotten better, but healed as well. I applied a couple or 3 drops of this oil at least twice a day, and I believe that that really help speed up the healing process. I’m really glad to have discovered this oil and I went ahead and ordered a bigger bottle...Thank you Healing Natural Oils for producing such an effective product...:)

    * - Cristina
  • Rachel - Victoria

    This product was extremely helpful and soothing. Well worth the money!

    * - Rachel
  • Kevin H. - Friendswood, Texas

    Don't know what I'd do without it. Thank you! The woman who takes my order is super nice & helpful. I should remember her name. She has a lovely accent. :)

    * - Kevin
  • Bob K. - Monclova, Ohio

    Awesome product Works like a champ

    * - Bob
  • Lisa - Sydney NSW

    Works very well & quickly

    * - Lisa
  • Stacey - Melbourne, Australia

    This is the ONLY product that has healed me, and unbelievably quickly. After 10 years of suffering, I can't believe how dramatically things have changed. I was very sceptical buying something online, but I am so happy that I did. If you have fissures you need this!

    * - Stacey
  • Jose - Chula Vista, CA

    This formula worked wonders for me. No really! It did!!. I had such terrible pain in my .. well butt for the past few months and it was really getting to the point of no return, it was almost difficult for me to just sit down and only then did I realize I had a problem. I got H-Fissures off Amazon's best sellers and followed the directions and BOOM Im back to my self again. Almost immediately I could tell a difference, it soothed the pain and irritation and made life bearable once more. Was nothing more than two weeks and I could not feel anything, its like it magically disappeared. Mucho Gracias to Healing Natural Oils!

    * - Jose
  • Whitman L. - saint Louis, mo

    Great product really works

    * - Whitman
  • Carla M. - mayport,pa

    after 1 month of using this products I do see a difference,my fissure is still there,but isn't as sore and doesn't bleed as often as it starting on my 2nd bottle,hoping by the end of it,my fissure will be gone!

    * - carla
  • Russell - Spruce Pine, NC

    It seems to be helping greatly!!!!

    * - Russell
  • David N. - FL

    I tried everything my doctor prescribed to heal my anal fissure and nothing worked. I was days from having surgery to hopefully get some relief from the agonizing pain that I was going through when my mother found Amoils while doing some research on anal fissures. Needless to say, I immediately bought the H-Fissures natural oil and started using the product. What I can tell you is this....IT WORKS! But, you must follow the instructions and DO NOT miss an application as this will delay the healing process. My body took about 3 months to completely heal and I needed 3 small (11ml) bottles to treat my fissure. Do yourself a favor and start eating more fiber and drink plenty of water to aid in the healing process. Thank you Amoils.

    * - David
  • Moje.Prodaje -

    works well

    * - moje.prodaje
  • Betty - Silver Point, TN

    My tear was huge with severe pain and bleeding. I tried everything anybody recommended with no results. I found this while doing a Google search for home remedies and after the second day I got relief. After a week I had no more trouble. This is absolutely amazing. If you have a fissure try this.

    * - Betty
  • Robert K. - Monclova, Ohio

    Awesome product

    * - Robert
  • Antoneta A. -

    This product treated me

    * - Antoneta
  • Josh - Raleigh

    To be honest i was very skeptical at first. But the oil works! Doctors want to give you creams and want to do surgery! I am so glad i purchased he oil. I don't have any more symptoms at this time.

    * - Josh
  • Greg - Pittsburgh, PA

    I didn't get any relief from this product. I switched to Chinese ointments. That's what finally did the trick for me.

    * - Greg
  • Robert H. - defiance ohio

    this product helps with the pain of a fissure

    * - Robert
  • Muzammil -

    Very effective. A bit expensive for Canadian dollars. But definitely works.

    * - Muzammil

    This product works great! It took about two weeks to help with my problem and now I'm virtually cured of fissures. This sure beats the alternative which was surgery. Not a comfortable subject to talk or write about...but it works!

    * - ROBERT
  • Shawn M. - Columbus, Ohio

    The Formula works well when applied. I noticed essential oils are needed in my case. I have not had many problems. The Fissures formula seems to work well. I am pleased to have found H - fissures formula. And I will continue to use it as long as I have irritability and redness in sensitive areas. I noticed it has helped a great deal in healing my tissue. Very Pleased!!!

    * - Shawn
  • Olugbenga O. - Capitol Heights

    The H-fissures did not work for me. So I discarded it away

    * - olugbenga
  • A.D. - New Hampshire

    This oil has saved me from surgery. It really works.
    Use consistently and you will get amazing results. Use for two weeks do not get discouraged - everyday will be better.

    * - A.d.
  • Jeremy - Newcastle Australia

    Had a fissure for at least a year with nothing helping, and I tried everything. Gave this stuff a go for about 5 days and fixed it. Been good for over a month just on that one dose. Just brilliant stuff and can't speak more highly of it. Great going guys!!!!!

    * - Jeremy
  • Whitman - saint Louis, mo

    Incredible, that's my sentiment. I can live again. It's so much more effective than lidocaine compounds and doesn't come with headaches like the prescription drugs and lidocaine left me with. This product works on contact and I literally felt the pain disappear immediately upon application. Lidocaine is what I used to use befor and it is similar in it's effect but stings when applying and takes a minute to take effect. This product you provide is outstanding. I can't and won't live without this product. Between this and the injection into the fissure this regiment saved me from surgery. I also use the BL hemorrhoids oil. I am now about to buy the regular hemorrhoids oil because now I'm not having much bleeding with flare-ups. Amoils has truly figured out how to bottle miracles, no joke! Thank you, I will be a life long customer and well be trying a lot more of your products.

    * - Whitman
  • Pavan S. - Mountain View CA

    I have been suffering from long back. This really worked out well in four days.

    * - Pavan
  • Steven S. - German Valley IL.

    Was very leery about buying ,just buy it,it works fissure healed.Without surgery.Thank you !!!!!! oh yah paid 75dollars for cream from dr.that didn't work.Pain gone rite away.with H.fissure oil : ) !!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! try will thank yourself.

    * - Steven
  • Irfan - USA

    Suffering from chronic fissure from last several years. Nothing worked. was deciding for surgery as my only left option, but read about this H fissure oil and thought to give it a last shot. Pain and soreness has reduced considerably by the end of first bottle.I am wondering if it is just keeping the wound in suppressed condition or is it really healing.Anyways I am going to order my next bottle to confirm if its really working.
    I will recommend this product definitely! No harm in trying.

    * - Irfan
  • Maria - British Columbia

    I have suffered for almost 4 months ! I would cry after every bowel movement and honestly I couldn’t even sit down . I tried everything but nothing worked. This oil was like a miracle !!

    * - Maria
  • Kevin G. - Texas

    Your instruction for using the H-Fissures is very thorough and I was confident that it would help me. Well, I have to tell you that after only a week I am like a new person. I have adjusted my diet accordingly too and am drinking a lot of water. This has all changed my life as I just dreaded having a bowel movement and was uncomfortable even sitting for long periods. A bottle of this product will always be in my bathroom cabinet in case this recurrs.

    * - Kevin
  • Christine - Geelong Victoria

    Amazing stuff. I tried every cream at the chemist. Even had to go to emergency department for the pain. I showed my gastroenterologist. It is a lifesaver. Thank you.

    * - Christine
  • Siah - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Good Product, have alleviate my problem.

    * - Siah
  • Radiyah - UK

    This was the only thing that worked for me! I was in excruciating pain after childbirth and a sever fissure, I scoured online for alternatives to over the counter medicines which were not helping at all. I came across this and thought I'd give it a try and within days of the first application, I could finally relieve myself pain free. Thank you, Amoils!

    * - Radiyah
  • Bernadette A. - Lodi Ca

    Best healing oil I have ever used, After 4 months of trying everything and being in miserable pain, This oil healed my fissure in just a week. God Bless you all for this amazing oil

    * - Bernadette
  • Frank T. - Tinley Park, Illinois

    Great product!

    * - Frank
  • Anthony K. -

    The best treatment for the issue. Great product.

    * - Anthony
  • R. -

    Left with a severe fissure in my rectum from childbirth, this product was the only thing I tried that finally healed it. I started seeing a decrease in bleeding withing the first week. After getting my BM's regular and soft, the results were even faster since my BM's weren't reopening the wound. This is an excellent product and the only one I found that was specifically for fissures. Highly recommended!

    * - Q.
  • Lisa - TAICHUNG


    * - LISA
  • Catherine C. - NSW Australia

    It is an amazing product thank you!!
    It really works if you apply 3 times a day when it's bad then taper off.
    Thank you thank you!!!

    * - Catherine
  • Mary A. - Las Vegas NV

    Product has given me relief.

    * - Mary
  • Kylie B. - Columbus, Ohio

    I have suffered from fissures for years. Seen multiple doctors, been on several creams. All of them temporarily helped, but the issue kept coming back. After my son was born, the pain was so bad I couldn't sit long enough to nurse him. I saw a doctor 3 times in 3 months, was on 2x/day stool softens, dilitziam cream and taking several sitz baths a day and still kept re-tearing. I finally turned to all natural solution after reading a forum and it has been incredible. After about a week of use the pain and bleeding subsided. With daily use I have prevented another tear and honestly feel like I have my life back. Anyone who has suffered from fissures knows that is not a dramatic statement! Will continue daily use for preventative care. Thank you so much!!!!

    * - Kylie
  • Kayla -

    This works wonders

    * - Kayla
  • Stacy - stone mountain, Ga

    so far it has been working pretty well. I have felt changes. It has only been a couple weeks and i know it says to keep using for 6 weeks so hopefully i will be fully healed in a few more weeks

    * - stacy
  • Elnaz - Fairfield, CA

    Omg!! I tried everything after I found out I have fissures and was in the hospital once a week... This product took one day and took all my symptoms away.. It is Amazing!!! Thank you I can go practice my martial arts again pain free!!!

    * - Elnaz
  • Michele - Roanoke, TX

    Miracle is a powerful word, but it applies here. After blood and pain for two months, I tried this product. The fissure was gone in a couple of weeks and the marble-hard hemorrhoid softened significantly. Yes, I did more fiber, more water and frequent sitz baths, but none of that mattered until I tried this.

    * - Michele
  • Mayuri - Beaverton, Oregon

    It worked well.

    * - Mayuri
  • Sherry F. - Cleveland OH

    I was very skeptical if this product would work, but I had just had hemorrhoid surgery in Dec and then developed a fissure. The product that the doctor prescribed for me was not working. I applied the Fissure formula faithfully every day. After two weeks, i was feeling so much better. I continued to apply for a couple more weeks and the fissure has completely healed. I recommend this for anyone who is suffering from this issue.

    * - Sherry
  • May - Toronto, Ontario

    This is the best fissure treatment. I had tried to increase my intake of vegetables and fiber and the fissure hasn't opened up. I have been applying the H-Fissure oil twice a day for a month now and it hasn't opened up. Going for walks also helped to ensure the fissure doesn't open up. I will buy another one once my first bottle is done. Thank you for this awesome product!

    * - May
  • Francoise T. - Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada

    I have suffered from an anal fissure after Chemotherapy and nothing seemed to help until I discovered
    H-Fissures from
    H-Fissures soothed the pain within days and helped heal the fissure. It is recurrent but at least with
    H-Fissures I know it is under control. I love this product.

    * - Francoise
  • Matt -

    It really gave me the relief and healing I needed!

    * - Matt
  • Chris - Austin, Tx

    Works well and quickly to heal.

    * - Chris
  • Nakia B. - Slidell Louisiana

    Best thing on the market.. i having severe pain for a a while, been to several different specialist an they couldn't help me.. they gave me all sorts of creme, none of them works.. after three days of using this product i could feel the difference.. after two weeks i am free from pain.

    * - Nakia
  • View All Reviews
* Results May vary. No guarantee of specific results.

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