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Topical Homeopathic Eczema Formula. Safe for All Ages*

H-Eczema Formula
H-Eczema Formula H-Eczema Formula H-Eczema Formula H-Eczema Formula H-Eczema Formula

H-Eczema Formula

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  • Suitable for children - Very gentle on the skin*
  • Fast relief from sores, itching & pain from eczema*
  • Highest quality natural ingredients*
  • FDA Listed & manufactured in the USA*

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Perfect for Mild to Severe Eczema Symptoms

Prescription creams, gels and many home remedies are common forms of eczema treatments. Many of these eczema remedies may contain chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients. Even though there is no cure for eczema, controlling your symptoms is possible. Natural products work with your body to heal your symptoms, as opposed to harsh eczema creams & prescriptions which could have adverse effects.*

Introducing H-Eczema Formula. Our product is all natural and safe to use anywhere on the body - for adults and young children. Tried and tested since 2001, our gentle formulation provides quick relief for all types of eczema.*

We have sold over 750,000 products and received thousands of verified positive reviews - resulting in an average rating well over 4 out of 5 stars. H-Eczema Formula is your eczema treatment alternative!*

H-Eczema Formula - The Natural Solution

  • FDA Listed*
  • Safe and effective for all ages.*
  • All Natural - no chemicals or harmful additives*
  • Soothing to the skin & fast acting*

What is Eczema?

Eczema is also known as dermatitis. It is a condition which causes inflammation and dry itchy skin. Some types of eczema will cause skin to become red and weep or blister. It is most common on the face and back of the knees, wrists, hands, or feet. The skin becomes thickened and rough and is almost always accompanied by itching.

What Does It Look Like?

Types of Eczema

Atopic eczema is the most common and closely linked to asthma and hay fever. Often hereditary, atopic eczema can affect both adults and children. Itchiness is the main symptom causing great discomfort as well as dryness of the skin, redness and inflammation. Scratching causes the skin to crack and weep creating the risk of infection.

Contact dermatitis is the other main type of eczema and includes allergic contact dermatitis which occurs when the immune system reacts to an allergen resulting in an allergic reaction usually in the form of a rash and irritant contact dermatitis which is caused by being in frequent contact with harsh everyday substances such as detergents or chemicals. These usually affect the hands.

What Causes Eczema?

The various causes of eczema are determined by the type of eczema you have.

People with atopic eczema are sensitive to different allergens in the environment even though these are harmless to everyone else. This type of eczema can worsen after eating certain foods or after being exposed to allergens such as pollen or dust.

Contact Dermatitis can be caused by many irritants including feathers, metals, wool, plants, animal hair, soaps and detergents, bubble bath, cosmetics, fabric dyes and many more.

Eczema Relief - Tips To Help With Discomfort

To help prevent eczema outbreaks, here are some tips:

Along with the itching comes dryness, making moisturizing an important part of natural treatment for eczema. A daily routine of cleanliness followed by locking in moisture can help. Soaps can be drying to the skin so instead use a remedy such as colloidal oatmeal which is a fine powder and is added to the bath.

Also see our products for Psoriasis and Rosacea*

Frequently Asked Questions

I have used a number of medications including cortisone, why will your product help me?

Our H-Eczema Formula is all natural and contains established homeopathic ingredients which work directly on the eczema symptoms.*

I have dry / weeping eczema, can I use your product?

Our formula is specifically formulated for all eczema symptoms including those for dry and weeping eczema*

How soon will I see results?

The process varies from person to person. Typical results take about 2 weeks but generally relief from the symptoms such as itching will be immediate.*

How do I apply the product?

Place a few drops of formula on your fingertips and apply topically.

Can your formula be used on children

H-Eczema Formula may be used on children ages 2 and up.

Purchase With Confidence

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • 100% natural and gentle on the skin
  • Over 750,000 products sold since 2001
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

H-Eczema Formula Works to

  • Provide relief from itching and discomfort*
  • Decrease the severity and frequency of symptoms*
  • Soothe the skin*

How Does It Work

Indications: The homeopathic components in H-Eczema Formula have been carefully selected to provide quick relief from symptoms such as itching and discomfort and to provide successful treatment for eczema symptoms.These components are manufactured according to the specifications in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) and are monographed for use as homeopathic ingredients.*

H-Eczema Formula helps to reduce your outbreaks and to assist in smoothing, re-texturing and moisturizing the skin. Unlike many other remedies, our product addresses the signs of eczema (itching, dryness) as well as helps re-moisturize the skin.*

When used as directed, our product is formulated to address even the most stubborn symptoms so that the skin is restored to a smooth appearance. This product may be used for children from 2 years old.*

How Long Does It Take

The process varies from person to person depending on the severity of the condition. The product is applied 3 times a day and provides fast relief from symptoms such as itching and dryness or the discomfort of weeping eczema.*

H-Eczema Formula will soothe the skin and reduce dryness and with ongoing use, the product will help reduce outbreaks and control your skin irritation.*

* Results May vary. No guarantee of specific results.

What Are The Ingredients?

Active Ingredients:
Anacardium orientale 12C, Iris versicolor 12C

Inactive Ingredients:
Essential Oil Blend (Cymbopogon martinii aerial parts, Daucus carota seed, Helichrysum italicum flower, Lavandula officinalis flower bud, Matricaria recutita flower), Rosa mosqueta seed oil, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil

The homeopathic constituents in H-Eczema Formula are manufactured according to the specifications in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) and are monographed for use as homeopathic ingredients.

**Product Uses are based on Homeopathic Materia Medica. These 'Uses' have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product has not been clinically tested by Healing Natural Oils LLC.**

What Are People Saying?

“It took about 10 days to start working but after that I noticed significant improvement of the eczema on my lower legs (both legs). I did run out and had to reorder which proved the effectiveness of the product as there was a worsening of the condition while waiting for the reorder to arrive. It has been about another week and now it is almost completely cleared up. #happy!”


  • Rosemary G. - Maryland

    My small son has dryness, redness and inflammation from his eczema so that he wants to scratch all the time. I really have a hard time preventing him from scratching.

    Fortunately after researching this condition on the internet I found out about the importance of moisturizing together with the benefits of your product which is safe for young children too. This was the big plus for me. Since using H-Eczema, the symptoms for my son has improved beyond all recognition.

    A big thank you to Healing Natural Oils.

    * - Rosemary
  • Tessa D. - US

    I have had dry patches on my arms on and off for years and just moisturize often. Then when I was seeing the dermatologist to check my moles she told me it was eczema. I am a great believer in natural products so was confident that your H-Eczema would help me. I love the feel and smell of the oil and I know this will be one of my regular stocked items. My skin is soft and smooth in those patches and I have just ordered your H-Glow!

    * - Tessa
  • Alicia H. - Colorado

    With all the chemicals and preservitives in everything we use these days I am not surprised to see that my little girl of 6 has such sensitive skin. The doctor said she has developed eczema so I am ensuring she does not eat foods with preservatives, coloring etc and I have been using your product on her skin for the past 2 weeks. Her skin looks so good and she is no longer sctraching. With summer coming up I am so happy that she can wear shorts and dresses without feeling that her skin looks patchy and dry. I recommend this product to anyone with eczema as our results have been so good. Thanks you.

    * - Alicia
  • Penny S. - NYC

    When I was a child, I had eczema and now I have noticed the same tell tale signs behind her ears and in the creases of her arms in my own young daughter.

    I have already started to use your H-Eczema because I am all for natural products and I can see a big difference in her symptoms in just a few days. I will continue to keep on using the oil for as long as necessary.

    Thank you to for this safe product for my child.

    * - Penny
  • Jini - Woodbridge, VA

    Absolutely love this stuff! I've been getting minor eczema on my elbows and toes. At the first sign of itchiness, I apply the oil and within 3 days the skin is back to normal. The smell is very pleasant and the oil absorbs quickly so there's no greasy feeling later. I've been buying this stuff for the past 3 years and highly recommend it.

    * - Jini
  • Toni - Mattapoisett Ma

    This is the only product this far to work on my son's excema. The creme from the doctors only dried his skin and never got rid of it. This oil is worth every penny to me. Seriously thank you for giving my baby some relief. He would cry and scratch his skin until it bled, I was so desperate to stop the itch I turned to Benadryl. This oil works...I am ordering my second bottle

    * - Toni
  • Nily - Addis Ababa

    Ordered the product from half way around the world. my eczema is receding from time to time. Thanks for this formula, am witnessing major change on my fingers.

    * - nily
  • Nicole G. - Lakewood wa

    This is magic in a bottle hands down was so scared that it wouldn't work very pricey but actually its worth every penny son suffers from extreme eczema his skin completely open everything burns or stings when applied but not this it does not burn or sting he doesn't feel it when applied after the second day he stop scratching so excessive skin already healing BUY BUY BUY !

    * - Nicole
  • Edie T. - New York, NY

    My son had patches of eczema up the backs of his legs so I found your website and bought a bottle of your eczema relief product to try for him. Unfortunately when I opened the bottle, most of the contents spilt out and I lost about a third of the bottle just on one application. I was not too happy so I called customer service, they apologized and said it may be faulty they will replace it free of charge. Well that was really nice of them at least I didnt have to eat the cost of the bottle. As far as the process goes, it was fairly easy, you just put it right on to the areas and have patience. Was probably about 2 or 3 weeks total until all the patches had cleared away, one good thing was that it seemed to soothe the symptoms too, my son used to itch like crazy but during this process I never caught him itching, so the process is really good. I would have given a 4 star had I not had the faulty cap, but at the same time I am really grateful for the free replacement, it goes to show the level of customer service you give. Oh and my son thanks you too!

    * - Edie
  • Jessica -

    The H-Eczema oils worked great. Nothing else I used would work. This stuff cleared it up in a week. So happy. I'm now trying other formulas since I was so happy with the results of this one.

    * - Jessica
  • Jennie - Kansas City, MO

    My 5 year old daughter has had eczema for a very long time that we have worked at from a diet and supplementation perspective as well as tried several topical products. This is seriously the first topical that we have found to be helpful for her!! Her eczema is on her feet and renders her unable to wear shoes at times, so we were pleasantly surprised to see results within days of applying 3-4 drops per foot. Is it a cure, no, but will definitely be a part of our ongoing treatment plan for her. She doesn’t complain about applying it either, which is half the battle. So grateful we made the purchase.

    * - Jennie
  • John T. - Seattle

    Soap and detergents are the cause of my eczema on my hands and although I try to avoid them, it is not always possible.

    The good news is that H-Eczema quickly brings back the skin on my hands to their normal state again.

    The oils are not cheap but I have to remind myself that good health is more important than money.

    * - John
  • Richard C. - Greensburg, PA

    I was shocked but very pleased with this product. After three weeks treating a patch on my leg, it virtually disappeared. Impressed

    * - Richard
  • Madeleine - Sweden

    Would just like to say that my daughter has had really bad eczema for the past two years. We have used many different medicins and lotions. After using natural oil her eczema was gone in less than 3 weeks. Very impressive!!

    * - Madeleine
  • Miranda R. - Southampton Nj

    So I got this for my boyfriend hoping it’d work considering most creams and such I got for his Exzema just made it worse and more itchy, and I’m happy to say it’s exceeded my exspectations! It works wonders, it stops him from itching and makes the red rashes disappear! He loves it :)

    * - Miranda
  • Lita - Philadelphia

    Just got the eczema oil for my daughter last week it's work amazingly, will order second bottle in few minute.
    Thank you

    * - Lita
  • Raymond - Danielson, CT

    no creams could help my dry, itchy hands...i tried this formula and within days, a huge improvement...this stuff works!

    * - Raymond
  • Jen - Rapid City, SD

    The H-Eczema helped my husband's decrease the itchiness to my husband's hands.

    * - Jen
  • Toni - Ma

    I love this stuff. It is the only thing that has helped with my son's excema. Before I found this product my baby would scratch his skin until it bled, leaving soares, I would give him Benadryl to stop the itching. The cream from the doctors only dried out his skin. Thank you for helping me help my son look and feel better. It's not , ???? gone but then again it's not magic, it's treating an underline symptom.

    * - Toni
  • Jessica L. - Los Angeles, CA

    Sleep! It's so good to get some relief from eczema itching and burning I was actually able to sleep comfortably. Usually the itching wakes me up a couple of times each night but since I've been applying the eczema formula for the last few days I'm finally getting some relief and the condition is really looking a lot better.

    * - Jessica
  • Winnie O. - Boston, MA

    I am prone to allergic contact dermatitis and come out in a rash and some itchiness whenever I am in contact with certain allergens. I have found that H-Eczema is very helpful in combating these symptoms _ so much better than anything I have tried from over-the-counter sources.

    As I live right next to a shopping mall, I just wish I could buy your product from the mall instead of having to order online and wait for it to arrive.

    * - Winnie
  • Tora A. - Manchester, England!

    Love this product. I use it as a moisturiser in general or when my eczema/ dermatitis flares up. Is very mild on the skin and the added bonus of the rosa mosqueta oil really helps with the redness my skin experiences.

    * - Tora
  • Sachin W. - Atlanta, GA

    I have started using so far feels good, itching has reduced hoping it will help reduce further...

    * - Sachin
  • Gail L. - Clinton ct

    This has helped totally with the itching and has already started to heal my troubled spot.

    * - Gail
  • Jennie G. - Dallas, TX

    I purchased this formula for a family member who has suffered from eczema for years. She noticed a positive change after just a few uses. Her dermatologist told her to stop using it because it was too harsh and all it really did was smell nice. The dermatologist prescribed a cream and instructed my family member to use that instead...and she did and the prescription cream actually made the eczema spread and worsen! She immediately went back to using the formula and it has once again cleared up. I would give this product ten stars if I could! Well done!

    * - Jennie
  • Tin -

    This is the only product i trust to use for my toddler and best part is, it works!

    * - Tin
  • Glenn M. - Canaan IN.

    The eczema oil works wonders and can be used for any skin problems.

    * - Glenn
  • Glenn M. - Madison Indiana

    Controls skin problem and itching very well and is clearing up skin

    * - Glenn
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* Results May vary. No guarantee of specific results.

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