Restless Leg Syndrome

There are two types of RLS or restless leg syndrome - namely primary RLS and secondary RLS.

restless leg syndromeThe first type – primary RLS - seems to appear without any reason and often in young people. The symptoms can be quite mild but can worsen with age. After the age of 50, such symptoms can often become more severe so that sleep is severely disrupted. This primary RLS does appear to run in families so there is a genetic connection.

The second type – secondary RLS – is usually caused by other conditions. Such conditions include:


If you are suffering from RLS, then you would be wise to get a positive diagnosis from your doctor and to discuss with him whether this could be a secondary RLS caused by one of the conditions listed above. Together you can eliminate one by one all possible conditions which could be affecting you. It could be that it is primary RLS and you have a family history with such a medical condition.

RLS can also occur in children where a diagnosis can be especially difficult because the doctor has to rely on the child’s description of what he feels and experiences. Such symptoms may well be difficult for a child to describe and so often the condition is misdiagnosed as growing pains or even attention deficit disorder.

The symptoms of RLS are:

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